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One Night at Play

Leah Halston, a regular performer at Play Dance Bar. With drag performers under attack, we visited nightclub Play, where queens rule the stage and acceptance and love fuel the party. Written by Ben Gierhart | Photographed by Mary Helen Nunn NOTE: For the sake of continuity, the drag artists in this story will be referred to with she/her pronouns, and out of respect for the art form, subjects will be referred to by their drag names when applicable. Gilda Wabbit, a regular performer at Play Dance Bar. Like most artists, drag [...]

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A Bar With a Twist

Abby Chodkowski and Kelley Spillson at Oxmoor Farms. The farm-to-glass craft cocktail experience is elevated to an art form at gorgeous new Epiphany bar, where inventive mixology, farm-fresh bites and a-ha moments are what's on the menu. Written by Christine Fellingham | Photographed by Kylene White It reads like the plot of a summer movie. Two couples meet through a random real estate encounter, discover a shared love of food through a cooler of pesto and crackers, form a great friendship and decide to open a bar. “We met on,” laughs Abby [...]

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Backstage Pass: Putting Pride in the Spotlight

Pandora Productions Producing Artistic Director Michael J. Drury, top, and Laura Ellis, audio producer and sound designer for Pandora, Louisville Public Media and Kentucky Shakespeare. Provided photos. For more than 25 years, the Louisville-based theater company Pandora Productions has been telling the stories of the LGBTQ+ community. Here, a look back – and forward – with Producing Artistic Director Michael J. Drury. Written by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider With decades of cutting-edge, award-winning musicals, dramas and comedies created by local, regional and national playwrights writing on LGBTQ+ themes, Pandora Productions has enjoyed fast growth, [...]

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Playing Her Cards

Valerie Combs and her daughter Giavanna. University of Louisville Director of Development Valerie Combs channels a lifetime of success on and off the court into her important role at UofL and her even more important role as mom. Written by Tabnie Dozier | Photographed by Kylene White Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar.” It’s a quote Michelle Obama famously said in a discussion with Howard University students in 2016, but those words also describe the journey of Valerie Combs. Combs’ story begins in the mid-1970s [...]

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Princesses with a Purpose

The Derby Festival Princesses have been a part of the Louisville Derby season for more than 65 years, but as the newest coterie tells our Tabnie Dozier, they are more than pretty faces. These are accomplished women seeking to engage the community and elevate future generations of girls. Written by Tabnie Dozier | Photographed on location at Angel’s Envy Distillery by Kylene White “You define the crown; you don’t let the crown define you,” Mahshad Taheri explains. “And as a first-generation, Iranian-immigrant college student, this program gives me the opportunity to be a role model [...]

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Backstage Pass: Leader of the Pack

“What all my female protagonists share in common is that they can pretty much take care of themselves. And pretty much save themselves if necessary.” — New York Times best-selling author, Karen Robards Author Karen Robards was writing historical romance before it became cool. Written by Gioia Patton/Arts Insider While the popularity of historical romance fiction novels has grown significantly due to a certain streaming platform’s adaptation of a series of books, true aficionados of the genre know that one of the best to ever do it is Louisville’s-own, Karen Robards. After gaining [...]

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