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A Different Kind of Thanksgiving Feast — Rocco and Stacy Cadolini

  Rocco and Stacy Cadolini, owners of ROC restaurant, located at 1327 Bardstown Road. Born in Sorrento, Italy, Rocco Cadolini doesn’t have the same nostalgic love of Thanksgiving food, particularly turkey, as his wife, Stacy, but at their restaurant ROC, they do focus on the seasonal flavors associated with autumn. Of course, in Kentucky, that means waiting until the weather cooperates and feels fall-like. Not everyone wants to eat pumpkin soup or heavy cuts of meat when it is 88 degrees outside. The Cadolini family’s Thanksgiving traditions have changed over the years. When they [...]

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Wearing Your Story on Your Sleeve

Tracy Kroencke got her first ink at age 50. Her children talked her in to getting a full sleeve, and she loves it. Artist: Travis King; Time invested: One year’s worth of 4-hour sittings. For thousands of years, and in almost every ancient culture, tattoos have adorned the skin of women. From the Egyptians to the Maori, the Peruvians to the Vikings, female ink work has been found on the abdomens, thighs, and faces of female remains. Used as beautification, amulets for protection or fertility, or markings of status, love, or punishment — [...]

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A Leftover Halloween Treat

Kitchen Sink Blondies are a tasty treat made from the candy trick-or-treaters left in your bowl. What do you do when you have a ton of leftover candies after Halloween? Other than sneaking a piece or two in your lunch every day, you can use them to make a batch of Kitchen Sink Blondies. This recipe is the perfect way to get rid of the leftover chocolate that may have gotten picked over by the persnickety ghosts and goblins of Halloween night. Of course, you can make these any time of the year, [...]

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Fall Back to Basics: Donique & Jessica

Donique Hobbs is wearing: Top and pants from H&M; shoes from Dillard’s. The pandemic gave us loungewear and sweatpants, but living in a semi-virtual world doesn’t mean we can’t get back to the basics of true fashion. These style mavens show us what they’ll be wearing this fall while adding in some of their favorite trends from local stores and boutiques. Donique Hobbs Property Manager, Villas on Spring Street (Jeffersonville) Her style Trendy, modern and upscale. Her wardrobe staples Shoes, designer purses and jewelry. I like a diamond stud earring or hoops, a [...]

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