Louisville Culinary takes on Paris

Written by: Jenny J Photography by: Anos Achouriotis  Paris, the city of love, lights, and gastronomic wonders, has long been a beacon of charm and elegance, luring travelers from across the globe. However, the upcoming venture "Oui Get Lost In Paris" offers a unique, personalized experience that transcends the ordinary tourist trail. Today, we sit down with Dana and Alison, the masterminds behind this captivating journey, to delve into the genesis, essence, and aspirations of this extraordinary culinary and cultural escapade. .    . . . Origins and Inspirations For Dana, Paris has always been [...]

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DESTINATION DINING New wood-fired restaurant Paseo brings the flavor and ambiance of Southern Europe to a fabulous indoor-outdoor Highlands setting. PHOTOGRAPHS BY KYLENE WHITE | WRITTEN BY CHRISTINE FELLINGHAM While the name literally means “walk” in Spanish, you’ll want to lounge and linger at the escapist eatery at 900 Baxter Ave. Paseo is adjacent to the soon-to-open Myriad Hotel and has the glamorous poolside bar to prove it. Myriad’s luxe-y but lowkey vibe adds to the eclectic, expect-anything ambiance exuded by the expansive al fresco dining space and cozy interior eatery. Between its two dining [...]

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