New wood-fired restaurant Paseo brings the flavor and ambiance of Southern Europe to a fabulous indoor-outdoor Highlands setting.


While the name literally means “walk” in Spanish, you’ll want to lounge and linger at the escapist eatery at 900 Baxter Ave. Paseo is adjacent to the soon-to-open Myriad Hotel and has the glamorous poolside bar to prove it. Myriad’s luxe-y but lowkey vibe adds to the eclectic, expect-anything ambiance exuded by the expansive al fresco dining space and cozy interior eatery. Between its two dining areas, Paseo can seat 154 guests and with its flavorful, wood-fired dishes, carefully curated wine, bourbon and spirits selection and inventive cocktail menu, it’s sure to fill them.

The menu is the creation of culinary team Jeremy Frederiksen (formerly of Jack’s), who serves as Executive Chef, and Chef Mike Wajda, the Director of Culinary at the Common Bond Hotel Collection. The pair have been partnering for seven years to create unique dining experiences for the locally-owned Common Bond Hotel Collection of which Myriad is the latest venture.

While their flavor profiles are inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, many of their ingredients are obsessively local. The dishes feature fresh ingredients sourced from 25+ different local purveyors, including Harmony Fields, Rivercrest Farm, 3D Valley, Frondosa and Kenny’s cheese. “I worked at an organic farm for nine years,” says Frederiksen. “I got to know the local farmers and having those relationships has allowed me to bring incredible local produce and meat to Paseo.” Not surprisingly, one of his favorite dishes on the menu is the eggplant side: “It’s eggplant from Bar Farms on a wood-fire grill, preserved in oil and warmed and toasted with caraway seeds.” But he’s also “really excited about the Paella. We wanted to respect the Valencian paella and make it our own. The crispy rice on the bottom was difficult to achieve but once we nailed it, we perfected it with some North African berbere spice, Adam Bar’s produce and Happy Spouts as garnishes.”

Other innovative signature dishes include Spicy Greens and Charred Beans Salad with crispy caper and onion vinaigrette; Harissa Cauliflower Steak with smoked olive, toasted sunflower, coriander gremolata and torn herbs; Smash Burger Lamb Kofta and Wedges with mahón, harissa onion jam and berbère aioli and Mojo Rojo Teres Major Wagyu Steak with patatas bravas and watercress.

Savor your unforgettable food with wines and spirits from Southern France, Italy, Spain… “We wanted a beverage program that paid homage to that part of the world,” says Beverage Director Tim Quinlan. “These blue zones are made up of individuals who have long healthy lifestyles and big time wine consumption.” The wine list is made up of unique offerings you won’t see on many menus and it’s complemented by 50 bourbons and two special private select single barrels from Angel’s Envy and Maker’s Mark as well as an impressive array of craft brews. Add to that an inventive cocktail menu inspired by the flavors on the plate and you have more than enough reasons to take a stroll to Paseo. “We want people to feel comfortable coming here casual or more dressed up– before dinner for an aperol spritz, for dinner with friends or for dessert after they’ve been somewhere else,” says Quinlan. “We’re not pretentious or pontificating, we want out-of-towners and locals alike to come relax, connect and have delicious meals and drinks they won’t forget.”