Written by: Jenny J

Photography by: Anos Achouriotis 

Paris, the city of love, lights, and gastronomic wonders, has long been a beacon of charm and elegance, luring travelers from across the globe. However, the upcoming venture “Oui Get Lost In Paris” offers a unique, personalized experience that transcends the ordinary tourist trail. Today, we sit down with Dana and Alison, the masterminds behind this captivating journey, to delve into the genesis, essence, and aspirations of this extraordinary culinary and cultural escapade.

.    . . .

Origins and Inspirations

For Dana, Paris has always been a sanctuary, a place to relish and rejuvenate amidst its timeless allure. Her passion for the city has extended to friends seeking advice on their Parisian escapades, instilling in her a fervor for sharing the gems of this enchanting destination. Yet, the notion of formalizing these endeavors as guided tours initially left her uncertain, until a revelation unfolded in the heart of Paris itself. A chance encounter with a fellow traveler revealed a new perspective—one that illuminated the potential for travelers to uncover their unique Parisian experience.

Bringing Alison into the fold was a natural choice. Renowned for her innovative culinary prowess and her adeptness at crafting exquisite meals from the freshest produce, Alison’s presence added an extra dimension to the venture. Her farm-to-table philosophy, honed at Barn 8, prepared her to curate sumptuous menus even amidst the bustling markets of Paris.

Paris: A Culinary Haven

Alison’s approach to cooking mirrors the Parisian ethos: simplicity, excellence, and a celebration of ingredients in their purest form. Dana acknowledges Alison’s knack for letting the ingredients shine, eschewing imitation of French cuisine and instead creating her own culinary magic in the heart of Paris. The success of their October event was testament to this; attendees were left sp

ellbound by the artistry and warmth infused into every dish.

Memorable Experiences

For Dana and Alison, witnessing guests’ reactions to their creations was unforgettable. The silence that fell upon the table, broken only by sighs of delight, echoed the heartfelt appreciation for the meal. Alison’s interaction with influential figures in the culinary sphere was a career-defining moment, reaffirming her culinary expertise.

April in Paris: A Taste of Authenticity

The upcoming event promises unparalleled experiences—traversing vibrant markets, sharing moments of culinary discovery, and savoring picnics by the Canal Saint Martin. The itinerary is far from conventional, focusing on immersive experiences that delve into the heart of Parisian culture. Alison’s guidance through the markets aims to demystify these bustling hubs, fostering confidence even in the most apprehensive traveler.