Laura Patterson’s Swimwear Visions

By Keri FoyI had all my questions ready. How do you camouflage a muffin top? Minimize saddlebags? The questions I often ponder when shopping for a bathing suit. That is, until I met Laura Patterson.Laura, designer and owner of Cannonball Swimwear, has an almost disarming way of transforming swimsuit shopping into analyzing your true perspective of your own body image. I thought I felt pretty good in my own skin excepting the tug of war with a one-piece swimsuit. But how comfortable am I? Within a couple minutes of talking with Laura, she had me [...]

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What Could Your Wardrobe Learn from this Trendy Interior Designer?

By Keri FoyWomen whose jobs fall on the creative side tend to let the left brain influence their weekday style. Susan Zehnder, chief development officer at Huber Decor, chooses to display her originality while staying classy.She doesn’t wear khaki pants or pantyhose. In fact, the office of Huber Decor has a longstanding joke about the dress code — just about anything flies except pantyhose. “I’ve single-handedly done away with the pantyhose industry,” Susan jokes.Susan, along with Nancy Rankin, is part owner of a suite of businesses under the Huber Decor brand, including Idea Source, Essential [...]

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What is Stacey Robinson Wearing to Derby?

By Keri Foy When your job takes you to Churchill Downs, your style choices have to pull double duty.The red carpet. The Barnstable Brown party. Celebrities. Does this sound like your Derby? Mine, either. But for Stacey Robinson, vice president and chief of staff for the Kentucky Derby Festival, they are all in a day’s — or night’s — work.You’ll find her in the standard-issue, khaki Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF) jacket during most of Derby season. But, come Derby Eve and Derby Day — this woman is dressed to impress without the stress.On Derby Eve, [...]

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Dressing Intentionally

By Keri FoyLost in Jordan Underhill-King’s closet is one lonely pair of black pants. This hard-working wardrobe staple for many a professional woman finds itself as a last resort for Jordan.Describing herself as short with a big chest, Jordan picks what she wears to work with those characteristics in mind. “When I wear pants, I feel like I’m a guy trying to look like a girl,” says Jordan. Pants make her feel masculine and flats don’t flatter her, so this petite young mom of one gravitates toward skirts, dresses and heels for most days at [...]

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Ariel Loves Tailored Clothing

By Keri Foy Although no one can put Ariel’s look into a box, her clothes do have one thing in common — they look tailored.Ariel Hawkins knows what she likes, and she sticks to it. But there’s no real rhyme or reason to her likes and dislikes has to be appealing to the eye and it needs to keep her frame on the forefront.Ariel, an account manager at CST Company and freelance reporter for local TV stations, elevates her wardrobe slightly above the business casual requirement of her 9-to-5 job. Even on Fridays, where [...]

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Dress for Your Dreams

By Keri FoyWhy Lindsey Mango believes you should focus on the future.What’s your brand? I’m not talking about your favorite brand of makeup or jeans.“Every person is his or her own brand, and what you wear reflects that,” says Lindsey Mango, who recently left a position as a recruiter for Northwestern Mutual to follow her passion for life coaching. “Although fashion isn’t everything, and who you are as a person is the bigger matter — how people show up is a reflection of how they feel as a person on the inside.”Lindsey believes in dressing [...]

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