By Keri Foy

Why Lindsey Mango believes you should focus on the future.

What’s your brand? I’m not talking about your favorite brand of makeup or jeans.

“Every person is his or her own brand, and what you wear reflects that,” says Lindsey Mango, who recently left a position as a recruiter for Northwestern Mutual to follow her passion for life coaching. “Although fashion isn’t everything, and who you are as a person is the bigger matter — how people show up is a reflection of how they feel as a person on the inside.”

Lindsey believes in dressing to be the highest version of yourself. “If, all of the sudden, the CEO of your company walks in, and you’re dressed your best, you’re ready for the opportunity,” she says. Lindsey wears business professional attire, but that doesn’t burden her. This achiever obviously believes confidence in your style builds confidence in the job.

Blazin’ the corporate ladder
You won’t catch Lindsey working without wearing one of her six blazers. “A blazer is an accent piece to the outfit,” says Lindsey. “It elevates the professionalism.” Her two favorite blazers are a scalloped-edge one from Pitaya and an edgier black, peplum blazer from H&M. Underneath those blazers, she prefers dresses and skirts because they make her feel more feminine.

Lindsey’s New Year’s Resolution for Fashion: “I want to get into a position that, financially,
I can buy a Kate Spade purse.”

Lindsey buys staples, like blazers and skirts, at Express and The Limited but wanders into boutiques for more unique pieces such as shirts and accessories. Her local favorites include Pitaya, Darling State of Mind, and Blush.

The necklace is from Blush Boutique. Photos by Sunni Wigginton

The icing on the (outfit) cake
While a skirt and a blazer are givens for Lindsey’s everyday look, she really looks forward to selecting her shoes. She’s a high-heel girl. “It’s my favorite part of my outfit,” Lindsey says. “Wearing fancy, nice shoes makes me feel good.” Strappy Ann Taylor shoes are her preferred pair while Aldo is her go-to brand.

Makeup and beauty routine
Lindsey keeps it neutral and natural with Bare Minerals makeup and a pinkish-maroon color on her lips. She exercises every morning before work and then showers. From there, she blow-dries her hair straight, then curls it with a curling iron.

Her favorite beauty supply is no budget-buster — just stop by your closest drugstore. “I’ve been wearing L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara for eight years,” Lindsay says.

On money and shopping
“If I think I could live without it, I won’t buy it,” says Lindsey. “If I think I’ll think about it a week later and wish I’d bought it, I’ll buy it.” It’s a nice rule for one’s bank account, but Lindsey’s reasoning goes beyond her purse strings — “I buy what inspires me.”