By Keri Foy

Although no one can put Ariel’s look into a box, her clothes do have one thing in common — they look tailored.

Ariel Hawkins knows what she likes, and she sticks to it. But there’s no real rhyme or reason to her likes and dislikes except…it has to be appealing to the eye and it needs to keep her frame on the forefront.

Ariel, an account manager at CST Company and freelance reporter for local TV stations, elevates her wardrobe slightly above the business casual requirement of her 9-to-5 job. Even on Fridays, where jeans rule the day, Ariel still polishes her relaxed look with a dressy blouse and booties.

What she likes
Seemingly confident of her fashion choices, Ariel likes faux fur, vests, peplum tops, high-waisted pants, suede, leather, a neutral palette and is obsessed with turquoise jewelry. “I almost think of turquoise jewelry as a neutral. It goes with almost everything,” Ariel says. “It’s timeless.”

“This southwest inspired Squash Blossom style necklace adds a lot of personality to any solid blouse or dress.
I love the timeless combination of copper and turquoise.”  Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

Beyond her laundry list of likes, Ariel wears dresses and rompers in the spring while layering for warmth. “I can easily throw a jacket over a dress or romper,” Ariel says. She prefers to shop at local boutiques in Westport Village, with special attention placed on Chartreuse, a store where she worked while attending the University of Louisville.

Many of Ariel’s favorite things have one thing in common — they give her a fitted look. With her petite frame, Ariel believes loose-fitting clothing swallows her shape whereas cropped leather jackets and peplum tops accentuate her small build while giving her definition.

How the look evolves from night to day
One morning beauty ritual that’s unrelated to makeup or hairspray — caffeine. “First things first…I have to make coffee,” Ariel says. Ariel wakes up early to put on makeup and fix her hair, so her first item of business in the morning is brewing a cup of joe.

Ariel takes a shower and picks out her clothes at night but saves accessorizing for morning. “That way, I’m not rushing around,” Ariel says. “I pick out whatever catches my eye and try to be creative with accessories in the morning.”

Ariel uses a straightening iron to curl her hair. Sound like an oxymoron? “It creates more mermaid, relaxed waves,” Ariel says. (Here’s a video on how to curl your hair with a flat iron.) For makeup, a classic cat eye is Ariel’s go-to look. “I’ve been doing that almost since birth,” says Ariel.

“I feel better throughout the day when I’m fully ready,” says Ariel of her hair and makeup routine. From her preselected outfit to her last-minute accessories, Ariel’s style is built around what she’s drawn to — style that catches the eye.