By Keri Foy

Lost in Jordan Underhill-King’s closet is one lonely pair of black pants. This hard-working wardrobe staple for many a professional woman finds itself as a last resort for Jordan.

Describing herself as short with a big chest, Jordan picks what she wears to work with those characteristics in mind. “When I wear pants, I feel like I’m a guy trying to look like a girl,” says Jordan. Pants make her feel masculine and flats don’t flatter her, so this petite young mom of one gravitates toward skirts, dresses and heels for most days at the office.

“I need some height, and my face is baby shaped,” says Jordan, who works for Underhill Associates, a real estate redevelopment company. “I’m dealing with lots of guys who are twice my age, so I try to ‘age up’ with heels.”

While a big part of her job takes place in an office environment working on a computer or interfacing with clients, another facet of Jordan’s career takes her to properties. For those tasks, tennis shoes are a must. “Some days I’m physically walking through spaces, moving boxes or rearranging things,” says Jordan whose favorite sneaker is a multi-color Asics. “The tie-dye seems a little bit crazy, but my tennis shoes give me an element of style. I can wear black leggings and a black top. I want to look like I didn’t just throw something on.”

Jordan keeps her outfits simple and comfortable on days when she is working outside of the office. 

Jordan’s everyday look is intentional. While she shares that she doesn’t know how to apply makeup other than lipstick, Jordan does put effort into her hair and clothes. Monday through Friday, she toggles her hairstyle between braids and buns to deep parts and high ponytails. Jordan prefers skirts that cinch in at the waist. “Sheath dresses look like muumuus on me,” says Jordan, who offers another reason she opts for a fitted look — nosy questions.

“I was recently pregnant. When you wear flowy types of clothes, everybody wants to know if you’re pregnant again,” says Jordan. “Fitted clothes make it clear that you’re not.”

No nonsense closet mantra
“I always like to have a list of what I really need, otherwise I can get out of control when shopping,” says Jordan who keeps her list in the notes section of her smartphone. She also has a Lily Pulitzer agenda where she makes a note each quarter to clean out her closet and jot down everything she needs.

“I’m constantly analyzing my closet,” says Jordan. “If it’s in season, and I haven’t worn it in a while, I’ll hang it on my door knob. If I don’t find a way to wear it two weeks, I’ll consign it or take it to Goodwill.” Not only does this keep Jordan’s closet clutter-free, it also helps her cut down on spending by knowing exactly what her closet is missing.