Good Style Acts as Neeka Parks’ Creative Outlet

[et_pb_section bb_built="1"][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] By Keri Foy Neeka Parks wears clothing and accessories reflective of other cultures. Photos by Sunni Wigginton  She's interviewing felons. She's talking to the families of victims. She's helping to determine the fate of many Kentuckians. Neeka Parks is a parole board member with the Kentucky Parole Board. Appointed by the governor of Kentucky, Neeka is one of nine board members in the state. "It's an honor," says Neeka, who obtained her law degree from the University of Louisville. She and her colleagues conduct hearings, deliberate, and conduct risk assessments. They listen [...]

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A Little Extra Height and a Lot of Extra Friendly

By Keri FoyAt a little over 5-foot tall, Lisa Nalley's height has a huge impact on her style. From heels to hemming, this petite mom of two knows how to add a couple inches. And while appearing taller may be important, what's more important to her is that she looks friendly and helpful.As the chief of staff for Rescare, a health and human services provider, Lisa identifies herself as a changemaker. Reporting to the CEO, Lisa manages floor center operations and oversees her team's project management and strategic initiatives. A big part of her job [...]

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Why It is Important to Distinguish Yourself With Style

By Keri FoyRachel proudly shows her tattoo which represents the connectedness of people. Photos by Sunni Wigginton  Rachel Dickey grew up wearing leotards and uniforms. As a ballet dancer, she spent her evenings at a dance studio, hair pinned into a bun, and during the day, her school enforced a strict dress code. Not much room for a young girl to delve into her personal fashion style.Then, Rachel was off to the university. Like many, she used the college experience to explore her fashion sense, but nothing really settled in. After college, her aunt, Karen [...]

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Nicole Atkins’ Attire in Her Casual Work Environment

By Keri Foy When you're president and CEO of a company, how you dress is kind of important. For Nicole Atkins, president and CEO of Unique Management Services, she walks a fine line with her love for dressy clothes in an ultra-casual work environment."At Unique Management, we are relaxed, casual," Nicole says. "There's no dress code, but employees should wear what we consider to be decent and modest."Since high school, Nicole has been naturally attracted to a more sophisticated look, but she also wants to dress so that she looks accessible. "Sometimes people in a [...]

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Look Sharp to Snag a Job

By Keri FoyHolly Blackwell is between jobs. Coming from a sales representative position at a pharmaceutical company, Holly knows how to dress for corporate America. But her job hunt isn't totally focused on ones that require power suits.Holly is entertaining the thought of taking this time as an opportunity to switch careers toward a more creative role. Basically, she's open to what's out there. "I've been in sales for so long, I'm not opposed to starting something new," says Holly, whose previous employer was bought out. (She was part of a nationwide group that was [...]

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She is Changing Louisville’s Fashion Scene

By Keri Foy "It's not just the hair, the clothes, and shoes — it's everything and how it comes together," she says. Every woman has a style, according to Yamilca Rodriguez, owner and founder of Louisville Bespoke, a fashion makerspace, a place where designers can come to use shared tools and space to create fashionable things. "I love being a woman, but we do a lot: nails done, makeup and hair, shoes and clothes," Yamilca says. "I see women every day who look amazing. They put effort into looking good. I don't think it's vanity. [...]

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