By Keri Foy

At a little over 5-foot tall, Lisa Nalley’s height has a huge impact on her style. From heels to hemming, this petite mom of two knows how to add a couple inches. And while appearing taller may be important, what’s more important to her is that she looks friendly and helpful.

As the chief of staff for Rescare, a health and human services provider, Lisa identifies herself as a changemaker. Reporting to the CEO, Lisa manages floor center operations and oversees her team’s project management and strategic initiatives. A big part of her job lies in constant interaction with employees. “I need to hear from people and people need to share with me,” Lisa says. “As long as I portray that I’m receptive, people will come to me, and I can maneuver an organization to keep the business running.”

She views her style as a way to bond, especially with other females, instead of a power move. “People tell me I’m approachable,” Lisa says. “I relate to people on clothes. Clothes are so much of who women are and how they show individualism. It’s a good connection piece.”

When she was younger, Lisa felt intimidated by women who donned power suits every day. She doesn’t want other women to have that same response and dresses to avoid that. “When women dress stuffy, it can make them seem off limits,” Lisa says.

Lisa uses accessories as the finishing touch for her outfits when she wants to add more versatility.
Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

She likes to look professional with an element of fun — from polka dot patterns or a ruffle to unique buttons or belts — and she sums up her style as easy. Dresses from Banana Republic, Amazon Fashion, the outlet malls, or the sales racks at Dillard’s and Macy’s are the effortless pieces to which Lisa gravitates. In a two-month period, she may wear pants one time.

A closet full of dresses doesn’t allow for the mix-and-match versatility of skirts, pants, and blouses, though. Lisa accounts for that. “I am thoughtful about rotating dresses,” she says . “I wait two weeks to wear the dress again.” But after a two-week break, Lisa will do something a little different than the last time she wore it such as changing up her shoes or a belt. “I have a good memory when it comes to that,” Lisa says.

To enhance her height, Lisa wears heels every day. She even wore them when she was nine months pregnant. She’s also her own seamstress. “At a young age, my mother taught me to sew so I can take care of all my hemming alterations,” Lisa says. Dresses must come above her knee, and she’s not a fan of form-fitting clothes around her midsection.

Continuing the low maintenance theme, you won’t find Lisa wearing a statement necklace or earrings. “I don’t overly accessorize,” she admits. She limits her accessories to Bourbon and Boweties bracelets she purchases from Dress and Dwell.

She also keeps her makeup low-key, only highlighting her features, and focuses on lipstick. “I put my makeup on in the car after drop-off at my kids’ carpool,” Lisa says. She’s a fan of MAC cosmetics, but is recently trying Lipsense to emphasize her pout. For hair, she typically wears it down and curls it using a flat iron.

“When I wear an outfit I love, it gives me a spring in my step and a better day,” Lisa says. “I have more confidence in the things I need to accomplish.” For this busy mom and executive, her to-do list gets a bump with a dose of good style.