How Do I Test His Relationship Intentions?

“I’m in a new relationship after a divorce. I’ve seen several people, but recently met someone who caught my attention. I don’t want to make the mistake of thinking he’s really into me when he’s simply into using me after his recent divorce. How do you know when someone’s intentions for a relationship are genuine and for keeps?” We can’t buy time; the same amount is free to each of us. Nor can we buy a look into the future, but it will soon become the past. Therefore, when it comes to relationships, how do [...]

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My Husband Only Wants Me To Buy Gifts for Him

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “My husband and I always fight at Christmas. We differ on the very fundamentals of the season. But when it comes to the benevolence, he likes getting gifts from me but doesn’t want me to give to others. He believes it should be an exclusive exchange between the two of us. Even when our kids were younger, it was a battle to buy for them. Now that they’re older, he thinks we’ve done enough for them and gifts are not necessary for them nor our grandchildren. I want to enjoy this [...]

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“My Husband Picks Fights With Me — I Want Peace!”

Q: “My husband’s pettiness is driving me crazy. We argue over everything and nothing at all. We argue over everything and nothing at all. For instance, I like going out with my friends every week, but he makes sure to ruin each time by blowing up my phone with texts and picking fights with me about minor details. After six years of marriage, we seem to be drifting apart, and I’m finding myself dreading going home. How can I get him to understand that if he would stop being picky about how I clean the [...]

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Are There Any Good Men Out There?

Q: “I always seem to make the wrong choices in men. I’m a giver, yet I seem to attract takers. I’ve had several relationships that have lasted more than a year, but most only seem to last six months or less. What am I doing wrong? Are there really any good men out there? My clock is ticking.”Joyce: When making right choices, even wrong can turn out alright.Yes, there are really good men out there. But even really good men will trample on a heart when given permission. It might not be what you’re doing [...]

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Everyone Tells Me How to Live My Life: How Do I Take Control?

By Joyce Oglesby“I live in a constant state of confusion. I’m in my 40s, and everyone tells me how to live my life. My mother, who has not always made good choices, is constantly in my ear advising me about relationships. Friends tell me different ways to remedy situations. My siblings get exasperated with me because their way is the right way.  Whether it be financial problems, issues about my children, or especially in matters of love, I seem to have no voice in my decisions. How can I take control of my life?  Joyce: [...]

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I have caught my husband in some lies…

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “My husband and I have been married for almost a year. I'm crazy about him, and I know he loves me, too. But recently, I have caught him in some lies. If he did this while we were dating, I never realized it. Most of them are little things here and there, but one in particular regarding our finances has really troubled me. I know the truth and did question him, yet he still denies it. I don't want it to affect us, and I am trying to move on, but [...]

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