My 13-Year-Old is Telling People Her Life is Terrible

By Joyce OglesbyQ: “We discovered a message on the phone of our 13-year-old daughter that was somewhat disturbing. She was sharing with someone in a chat room about how terrible her world is. It broke our hearts. We have done everything to provide a very good life for her. We inquired and she says she doesn’t know why she said what she did, that she is fine. We haven’t noticed any unusual behavior, but it was painful that she would be sharing something of this nature. Do we have cause for concern, or is this [...]

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Six Steps to Leaving an Alcoholic

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “My husband has been an alcoholic for years. Whereas he’s not physically abusive, he is verbally offensive and intolerable because the alcohol makes him angry. He hasn’t worked for most of our marriage because he can’t hold down a job. It’s been a blessing that I have a good career. I have stayed with him for the sake of our children and because I really have desired to make marriage last. Now they’re grown, and I don’t like what life looks like for me. The kids will drop in for a [...]

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Stop Being the Dumping Ground for Your Family’s Frustrations

By Joyce OglesbyQ: “My family is a mess. My husband is unkind, my children disrespect me, and none of them appreciate what I do for them to make life work day in and day out. I am simply going through the motions, and I’m exhausted. How can I undo what is happening? If this year is anything like last year, I want out!” Joyce: Unfortunately, many women feel your pain. What is it about women that causes us to accept behavior such as you’ve described? Love. We love; therefore, we hurt. And because we love, we [...]

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Just Ask Joyce: Is There Love After Cheating?

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “How can I be sure my husband will never cheat again? We have been through counseling after infidelity. We both agreed we would keep our marriage intact. We have four children who are depending on us to make this work. It was extremely difficult on them during our separation. Neither of us desire to put them through any more anguish. We want to see them graduate and get married. However, I’m feeling terribly insecure about whether this is the last time something like this would ever happen, especially since our relationship [...]

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My Husband Keeps Having Emotional Affairs

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “I have caught my husband in three emotional affairs in the past two years. One was with a high school friend he reconnected with on Facebook. The second was with someone at work. The third one was with someone he met at a Dollar General store! What in the world is he thinking? We have three children who would be devastated if their parents split up. I’m a good wife. I work, keep the house clean, do everything for the kids, and manage all the finances. And yes, we have a [...]

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Have I Fallen Out of Love?

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “How do you know if you’re falling out of love? I have a career. I’m a mother. I’m a wife. I serve on different committees in the community and at church. I have a parent who needs my attention. I’m juggling a lot, I know, but I handle things very well. My husband, however, says he’s lacking. I will confess: I’d rather spend time doing other things than being with him. He doesn’t irritate me. We don’t argue. I just don’t care to be with him. There’s no one else, but [...]

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