My Husband and I CANNOT Agree

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “My husband and I argue constantly. We love each other, but we disagree on everything. Whether it’s our viewpoints on how we rear the kids or where we want to eat, it seems we cannot agree on anything. I’m to the point where I’d rather be in another room when he’s home. But that’s not the case when we’re apart. We laugh and joke, text and talk, and no one would suspect we don’t get along. It has affected our intimate life for more than a year because one of us is [...]

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My Wife Keeps Demanding Things

“I can’t seem to win at anything,” says this husband. “Is there such a thing as a fulfilling marriage?”By Joyce OglesbyQ: “What is happening to women? I know I don’t do everything right, but I do try to be involved with the kids and their schedules, helping out around the house, and rarely do I ask to do something for myself. The more I do for my wife, the more she demands. I can’t seem to win at anything. That keeps us at odds much of the time and, of course, leaving us both lacking [...]

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Are All Men This Way?

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “My husband devalues me. Everything I say is disregarded. He never asks my opinion about decisions that include both of us. He talks to me like I’m one of the children instead of his spouse. Of course, he wants me to clean his house, cook his meals, keep his laundry done, and have sex on demand. I feel like I don’t matter to him except to fulfill his needs. He completely ignores mine. My mother tells me to get used to it — all men are this way. She has never [...]

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My husband wants us to have kids now — I want to wait!

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “We have been married four years, and my husband wants a baby. I’m not ready for parenthood. I want a child, but I want to enjoy my career for a while longer before we start a family. This is something we discussed at great length before we got engaged. I made myself perfectly clear that I intended to launch my career and had very specific goals before becoming a parent. I want to travel and see the world. He’s seven years older and is anxious to become a father. But once [...]

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Just Ask Joyce: Eight Months Married and I am Miserable

By Joyce OglesbyQ: “My husband grew up in a male-dominant home. His mother never was allowed an opinion. Whenever she spoke, she was belittled. We discussed this issue before I agreed to marry my husband. He said he realized how this attitude complicated his parents’ marriage and promised he would never make me feel devalued. While we dated, there were no indications he would be domineering. However, once we married, his actions changed immediately. We are now eight months into our marriage, and I am miserable. He wants to control everything I do, say, and [...]

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Just Ask Joyce: Dealing with a Controlling Husband

By Joyce Oglesby Q: “I watched my older sister go through a nightmare of a marriage. Her husband was controlling, and they are now divorced. I promised myself I would never marry someone like him, but I’ve ended up in a similar situation.The red flags were there in my relationship with my husband. Why didn’t I heed the warning? I’ve heard you many times on your radio program talking about guarding our hearts and learning from others’ mistakes to avoid our own. My husband is now an exact replica of my sister’s husband, but I [...]

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