An Easier Way to Manage Meds

By Megan SeckmanMonitoring medications for yourself or a loved one can be an enigmatic puzzle. Take the green in the morning before coffee, the big white one with a meal, the two pinks before bed, and the brown ones as needed. It can be exhausting trying to remember the regimen and remains a sensitive beacon of independence. My mother-in-law was sincerely hurt when her son took over dispensing her meds. Even though her deteriorating memory warranted this decision, perhaps a high-tech pill box would have been the compromise most fitting for a senior attempting to [...]

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Ideas for Caregiving and Bathing

By Tiffany White Sheila Carter, owner of Heartsong Memory Care, shares her top five secrets to success when it comes to bath time refusals.Find out why the person refuses to bathe. Is it fear of water? Fear of falling? Too cold?Don’t ask “Do you want to…” Instead, get their help doing something in the bathroom, engage them in positive conversation, and subtly move into “let’s clean up while we’re here.”Avoid words that trigger negative responses such as bath. Clean up may be a better phrase.If they refuse, try again later using a different approach or [...]

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You’re Planning to Hire a Caregiver…Now What?

If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re considering hiring a caregiver or a cleaning service to assist an older loved one, Becky Beanblossom, president of Home Instead Senior Care, offers some questions you need to ask yourself:What type of work needs to be done and how often?Is the person or company you’re looking to hire able to do the necessary tasks?Does the hiring process include background checks and drug screens?Have you been given referrals by friends or colleagues?Does the individual or company offer references?Do you need to upgrade your homeowners or renters insurance to [...]

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Help Your Loved One Get Dressed Easily

By Carrie Vittitoe If upper body weakness has made getting dressed a challenge for an older loved one, Ken Gould at Gould’s Discount Medical suggests these products to make it easier:sock aids (flexible plastic tools with handles on which a sock is placed and pulled up onto the foot)dressing sticks (dowels with hook-like attachments on the end, which can grab clothing and make dressing easier)long-handle shoe horns (a shoe horn with a long handle to prevent bending over)Spyrolaces (shoe laces that don’t require tying and can be tightened to preferred tension)button hook aids (hooks that [...]

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Make a Caregiver Feel Appreciated

Between managing their responsibilities and taking care of a loved one, caregivers often have difficulty finding time for themselves. If you know a caregiver who is feeling overwhelmed, here’s an idea that will brighten their day and lighten the load.Nominate a caregiver for our quarterly Care Package for the Caregiver Award by completing the form below. The winner will receive two tickets to a performance and four hours of sitter service from Home Instead Senior Care. Today’s Transitions is a quarterly magazine for seniors and caregivers.Are you having trouble seeing the entry form below? Try clicking [...]

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Make Your Days Easy and Fun

Get the most out of every day by taking care of yourself, making your home comfortable, and stimulating your mind. Here are few ideas to get you started.Make plans to see this exhibit at the Frazier Museum and learn about the history of Kentucky artists.Get some rest. If you’re having problems sleeping through the night, try these solutions.Treat yourself and a friend to a movie at a discounted rate.Order brings peace. Take time to clear out any junk that is taking up space in your home.If you’re a caregiver, read our weekly tips on ways [...]

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