By Carrie Vittitoe

If upper body weakness has made getting dressed a challenge for an older loved one, Ken Gould at Gould’s Discount Medical suggests these products to make it easier:

  • sock aids (flexible plastic tools with handles on which a sock is placed and pulled up onto the foot)
  • dressing sticks (dowels with hook-like attachments on the end, which can grab clothing and make dressing easier)
  • long-handle shoe horns (a shoe horn with a long handle to prevent bending over)
  • Spyrolaces (shoe laces that don’t require tying and can be tightened to preferred tension)
  • button hook aids (hooks that pull buttons through buttonholes)
  • leg lifters (straps or rods with loops attached at the end to help lift one’s legs onto beds, footrests or wheelchairs)