Touched by an Angel

By Tiffany White  |  Photo by Kylene White

If you’re falling, Pastor Ruth Wilson will catch you and put you back on track. She is an advocate for those who are less fortunate and believes everyone has a responsibility to take care of each other. Lucrecia Gunn, who is a friend of Ruth’s, can attest to her benevolence, after being on the receiving end. “I know a lot of people, but I’ve not met a woman like her. I was on the verge of homelessness, but she made sure I had somewhere to stay and that I never missed a meal,” Lucrecia says. This kind act only serves as a snapshot of what she’s done through her ministry. 

For 21 years, Ruth, the pastor of Shekinah Glory International Ministries, has been preaching from her home in the West End where she has set up a sanctuary upstairs. But when Ruth is not holding a church service, she is taking care of a homeless man named Greg who lives in downtown Louisville. For at least three years, she has been giving him food, blankets and plenty of prayers. She volunteered with Dare to Care for 15 years and has helped students at Perry Elementary improve their reading skills. She has also made Christmas a joyful time for kids through providing financial help to their parents. For Ruth, being generous is an innate part of who she is. “I am a giver. What you do for others will be done unto you. When you do it [give] from the heart, you are not concerned about whether it will come back,” Ruth says. 

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