Charisse LeMaster left the corporate world behind and opened LeMaster Events & Travel, In The Mix Bar Service, and In The Mix Bartending School.

Charisse LeMaster took a risk that paid off for her and others

SPONSORED BY IN THE MIX BAR SERVICE  | Written by Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White

When you hear the stories of women and how hard they have worked to establish themselves in entrepreneurial business, you realize that they might truly have super powers. Charisse LeMaster, owner of LeMaster Events & Travel and In The Mix Bar Service, had worked full-time in the corporate world while also planning weddings and other special events on the side on her weekends. In July 2018, she made the decision to focus solely on LeMaster Events & Travel.

However, she soon realized that she was missing an income opportunity. “I had been doing weddings and events for several years and always contracted bar service for my clients,” she says. “It just made sense that I would add it to my existing business.” It was then that In The Mix Bar Service was born and began to thrive. In addition to professional bar service for weddings and private events, Charisse offers virtual and in-person cocktail classes for small groups, corporate events, and team-building activities. The business grew so much that Charisse decided to open In The Mix Bartending School to train bartenders to work with her. She is proud that it is the first minority-owned and operated bartending school in Louisville.

Not everyone has the courage or drive to do the work to be a multipreneur, and it is certainly not without risk. “Starting my own business and working for myself is the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” Charisse says. But she had an idea and plans, and she committed to doing the hard work of ensuring her clients get exceptional service. While she has learned the intricacies of business ownership, she also learned a lot about who she is. “I’ve realized how resilient and resourceful I am,” she says.

She hopes to help other people, especially women, realize how resilient and resourceful they are through In The Mix Bartending School. “The most rewarding thing has been taking an idea and seeing it actually work. Plus, I’m giving others the opportunity to learn a skill and make money for themselves, either as a second income or a whole new career. There is life after corporate, [and] that feels good,” she says.