By Brittani Dick

Most of us are familiar with a normal 9 to 5 work day, and our routines look pretty similar — catch eight hours of sleep while the moon is shining, wake for coffee and breakfast, then venture into expressway rush hour traffic around 8:30am. But there are also those who work important jobs as we sleep, those whose “morning” routines look a little different than ours.

Jorja Magley, 26, has mastered the night shift as hospitalist physician assistant at Norton Brownsboro Hospital, working 7pm to 7am. Jorja (pronounced “Georgia”) is the go-to woman when a patient becomes ill during the night. “If a patient starts to become sick, their blood pressure spikes, or heart rate drops, then I am the one the nurse calls. I also care for patients who require additional medical care and need to be admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Department. I order additional tests and lab work and take care of these patients throughout the night,” she explains.

Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

A normal workday for Jorja requires waking up around 3pm, diving into a cup (or three) of coffee, and eating breakfast. “At least five days a week, I try to make it to the gym after breakfast. If I am more crunched for time, I will go on a quick run outside,” she states. After her daily exercise, Jorja has her “lunch” and heads into work for the night.

Her favorite beauty product
For her thick, curly hair, Jorja claims to have found the perfect product. “I use Beauty Protector, Protect & Detangle spray. A few sprays after I shower leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. I love the way it makes my hair smell so fruity and flowery — my fiancé even comments that my hair smells great,” she says.

Her favorite fashion piece
Jorja dons light blue hospital-issued scrubs and Nike tennis shoes for work each night, so she loves any chance she gets to dress up. “I recently bought a jean tank dress from Lulus (, and it has been a great piece to wear this summer. I can just throw on sandals and run errands in a comfortable outfit, or dress it up with a statement necklace and wedges,” she says.

Latest purchase she’s praising
Jorja and her fiancé recently bought their first house in Jeffersonville. “I am absolutely in love with our home,” she says. “It is so fun to pick out all the new appliances, furniture, and decorations!”

Do you have a favorite hair product, fashion piece or other item you’re loving right now? Please tell us about it!