By Brittani Dick

Elizabeth Peake is adding some extra flair to men’s attire with these fun and fashionable accessories.
Photos by Sunni Wigginton

A self-proclaimed slow starter in the mornings, Elizabeth Peake, 32, takes her time cuddling her dogs and drinking cold brewed coffee before plunging into her workday.

“I am not a morning person,” she admits. “I definitely take my time and will even call my dogs into bed with me so I can pet them instead of hopping out.”

She created the designs for these fabrics using Microsoft paint. 

Elizabeth is self-employed, so she enjoys the luxury of starting the day when she pleases. After seven years of making men’s accessories as a side gig while working various other jobs, she finally took the leap to pursue her passion full-time. Her business, Peake Ties, specializes in bow ties, neckties, lapel flowers, and pocket squares.

Fashion piece she loves:
Elizabeth admits she is a low-maintenance gal, and since her studio is located in her friend’s basement, she also enjoys the luxury of wearing whatever she feels like on any given day. Goodbye, business attire, hello, leisurewear. “If by chance I need to go out and hit up my favorite quilting shops for fabric, or if I get an order where I get to actually meet up with my customers, I do try a bit harder. A girl has to look professional sometimes,” she says.

Her favorite piece right now is a simple black T-shirt dress that her mom picked up at a store closing for $2. Two whole bucks. “This dress is life changing,” she says. “I love how soft and comfy it is! It’s basically a giant T-shirt, and I’m mad about it.”

Beauty product she’s praising:
Because of her self-assessed “wild and curly” hair, Elizabeth recognizes the importance of quality hair products. “My favorites are Moroccan Oil and Enjoy. Both lines have curl creams and smoothers, which are great against the humidity and don’t weigh my hair down. I like the Moroccan Oil for winter and Enjoy for summer,” she says.

Latest purchase she loves:
Elizabeth loves her new die cutter and dies of her bow-tie patterns. With the help of a Kiva loan, she was able to make this special purchase. “I make so many ties, especially for the Derby season, that my hands were hurting, and I was having trouble cutting everything out,” she says. “The dies and cutter have been the best purchase I’ve made in quite some time.”