What Makes Your Heart Pound (in a good way)

By Carrie Vittitoe “There are benefits of romance to heart health,” says advice columnist and speaker Joyce Oglesby, and the research supports this statement. Studies have shown that people in satisfying relationships have lower risks of heart disease. Love seems to make people feel more at peace and balanced, which has a positive impact on blood pressure. A loving relationship helps people manage their stress because they have a sounding-board, someone who they know is by their side through all the good and bad. “When romance is fresh and alive, it doesn’t matter what comes [...]

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A Heart in Emotional Recovery: “You don’t get wisdom from a pill…”

By Carrie Vittitoe Many of us think of heart health as being purely physical, but emotions also play a role. Depression and anxiety may put us at risk of damaging our hearts due to poor sleep, poor eating, lack of exercise, and isolation. Recovery Inc. of Kentucky, located in the Highlands, opened in 1952 and offers anonymous support groups for people who are struggling with their mental health. Janice Kaelin serves as the director of Recovery Inc. and benefited from its service herself when she was a young mother dealing with postpartum depression in the [...]

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Baby Love: How it Protects

By Carrie Vittitoe The heart palpitations a new mother feels when falling in love with her newborn baby rest a great deal on hormones. Beth Quinkert, a certified nurse midwife with WomanCare in Southern Indiana, says there are four hormone systems involved during labor and childbirth: prolactin, oxytocin, endorphins, and adrenaline/noradrenaline. “Prolactin is the ‘mothering’ hormone thought to be responsible for the nesting instinct. Oxytocin, known as the hormone of love, is responsible for making the uterus contract, producing labor, and is at its highest levels at the time of birth, which gives the woman [...]

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Heart Stress: And Abnormal Heart Beat

By Carrie Vittitoe The loss of a loved one is a stress on the heart, emotionally and physically. “Physical or emotional stress can trigger a stress response in the body that leads to atrial fibrillation. As adrenaline, cortisol, or noradrenaline increase in the body, they can increase the likelihood of a heart rhythm disorder,” Dr. Morris says. Coping mechanisms are important for all components of heart health. Getting good quality sleep, getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, and avoiding tobacco and excess alcohol are things Dr. Morris recommends to his patients with [...]

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When Stress Hits Your Heart: How Beth Stone’s Heart Attack Surprised Her

By Carrie Vittitoe Like many of us, Beth Stone tries to exercise when she can, but she is the first to admit she isn’t perfect when it comes to fitness. Her small frame might give others the impression she exercises all the time, but she really prefers walking in the park to hitting the gym regularly. Because she “looks” healthy, it may come as a surprise that she suffered a mild heart attack on Christmas Eve 2016 at the age of 51. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Beth and her husband Dave had [...]

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Heart and Mind Connection: Why Yoga Does Help the Heart

By Carrie Vittitoe There is no doubt that participating in a yoga session can make you feel relaxed. Slow-tempo music, stillness, and stretching can help a person regain a sense of inner calm. However, Shelli Carpenter, co-owner of Eternal Health Yoga, says consistency is the key to making yoga have long-term health benefits, such as reductions in blood pressure, improved flexibility, and increased lung capacity. “Having a consistent yoga practice is where the benefits come in,” she says. Consistent yoga practice is really part of an entire lifestyle. Doing an occasional class might make you [...]

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