Celebrating the Beautiful Chaos of Motherhood

  Tawana Bain This is a tribute to Moms! In my opinion, every day is Mother's Day! Motherhood is a journey that spans a lifetime, weaving intricate tapestries of love, sacrifice, challenges, triumphs, and embarrassments, to name a few! Each mom's story is unique, absent a one-size-fits-all manual or a perfect set of predefined tools for greatness. Some of us have experienced an overwhelming amount of joy and pride at our children’s accomplishments, while others have experienced inexplicable tragedies or loss that, unless you've experienced it too, there's no way to relate. I also believe [...]

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  During a recent girls' get-together, our lively conversation took an unexpected turn into a debate on the distinctions between "dirty" and "messy." One guest vented about her sister's "dirty" habits, while another chimed in about her own "messy tendencies." As the conversation intensified, a third woman posed a thought-provoking question: What's the real difference between messy and dirty? As we approach the New Year striving to be our best selves,I found the takeaways from this discussion worth sharing with the TW community. This month, we delve into the nuanced balance between "dirty" [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: November 2023

"Don’t Match Their Energy" Have you ever encountered someone who did something so hurtful that your initial reaction was to retaliate? Yet, as anger welled up within you, did you ever feel like you were losing sight of your true self? It wasn’t until recently that I realized I don’t have to reciprocate energy I don’t admire. It’s effortless for someone to disrupt a room’s harmony with their negative energy. It’s astonishing how their negativity can rebound and affect those around them, even when we’re simply minding our own business. Tony Robbins once [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: October 2023

Finding Strength Through Holiday Adversity and Beyond: A Message of Resilience Written by Tawana Bain As the holiday season approaches, we all anticipate joy, warmth, and moments of togetherness. However, life has a way of throwing unexpected challenges at us, and the holidays are no exception. Sometimes, these challenges can feel like fiery meteors crashing down upon us. But in the midst of chaos and adversity, we find the strength to endure, to rise, and to become even more courageous than before. Today, we want to inspire and empower you, the everyday woman, [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: September 2023

Tawana Bain & Amelia Frazier Living Sisterhood Out Loud Written by Christine Fellingham & Tawana Bain Anyone who knows me– even just a little bit– knows this to be true: “Sisterhood” is not just a word for me. It’s a way of life. I unapologetically surround myself with strong, supportive women who live authentically, show up consistently and are willing to step up and be not just sounding boards but real allies when life gets challenging. There’s no age, race, sexual persuasion that defines these women. It’s authenticity and chemistry. My sisters are [...]

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Publisher’s Blog: August 2023

A True Partner Always Shows Up Written by Tawana Bain I’ve been thinking a lot lately about women supporting women. We all know that in light of the historical struggles and ongoing challenges we face, the concept of women coming through for each other has emerged as a powerful force. It’s authentically what we’re all about, and it never leaves my mind or my spirit. Women have continuously challenged barriers by forming supportive networks and advocating for change by being the change. Historical milestones like the suffrage movement and the rise of feminist activism demonstrated [...]

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