Freezing The Warmth of a Winter Wonderland

By Sara FloydOne particular December several years ago, I was watching through the front window as my children played in the snow. Their squeals of delight were muffled behind the panes of glass, but their joy was palpable. Their tiny red noses, their little bodies thick with layers, and the snowflakes falling from the sky like powdered sugar made my breath catch in my throat. A real-life snow globe scene was unfolding in front of me. As I pressed my face to the window to take it all in, an idea was born. I would [...]

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I Was So Far From My Family — How Could I Enjoy Christmas?

By Sally EstesBorn and raised in the same town, unfamiliar just wasn’t in my blood. I grew up near grandparents and cousins and uncles, every festivity filled to the brim with people. Christmas Eve was crowded, full of 20-something voices belting out carols around a piano and more food than anyone could possibly eat, though somehow we managed. Christmas morning meant Mama’s delicious breakfast and a reading of the Christmas story. Dad played both Santa and referee as my sisters and I surveyed our spoils. It was tradition, and every year I anticipated its precious [...]

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