“We are training people to take the company to the next level. I love seeing people flourish…” says Cindy Collier

By Lucy M. PritchettFor many women, moving seamlessly from a career in fashion to a career in freight might take some doing. But Cindy Collier, president and CEO of Mister “P” Express, Inc. in Jeffersonville, carried what she had learned in retail fashion and joined her father in founding the trucking company.“I came from working in beautiful malls where the girls dress perfectly to an industry where the fashion standard is boots and jeans,” Cindy says.At one time Cindy worked in cosmetics at the old Stewart’s department store in Louisville. After that, she went to [...]

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“There are better things ahead than anything you may leave behind.” Two years ago Amber couldn’t buy her kids bananas — “and this year I took them to Disney World.”

By Lucy M. Pritchett Her Turning Point begins with a toddler meltdown over bananas and ends with her own meal-prepping business. It seems fitting that Amber Peppers’ new life as an entrepreneur began at the grocery store. “I was 25, divorced, and had two kids,” Amber recalls. “I had been a stay-at-home mom. I had no college and no plan. I had lost my home, my car, and I was trying to get out of debt.” Amber says she started cooking for herself and a friend simply to make her grocery purchases last and to [...]

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Turning Point: From Taylor Swift’s Band to a Courtroom

By Lucy M. PritchettEmily Poe Stumler’s Turning Point came when she put down her fiddle and picked up her law degree. She seemed to be headed toward a career in music. She had started taking violin lessons at age 6. She was class president and a cheerleader at Floyd Central High School in Indiana, and she played violin in the school orchestra. She attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her music career. Then, in her senior year, she auditioned to be a fiddle player for Taylor Swift.“No one knew her then. She was [...]

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Kathy Morris Made Two Big Negatives into Turning Point

By Lucy M. PritchettThe saying goes that two wrongs don't make a right, but in this Turning Point, it turns out that two negatives did make a positive.Just ask Kathy Morris, who on the same day in 2003 received two phone calls: one from her doctor telling her that she had breast cancer and one from her boss telling her that the executive position she held at a local bank had been eliminated.“Those disturbing phone calls turned out to be blessings,” says Kathy, who is now director of the Louisville Nature Center, which is situated [...]

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How This Accountant Started Transporting Horses

By Lucy M. Pritchett Natalie Roberts didn’t expect to experience a Turning Point when she agreed to make a trip across the border into another country.This was seven years ago, and she was working in an accounting position with a firm in Southern Indiana. An opportunity arose for her to transport race horses to Canada. The trainer of those horses didn’t have a passport and couldn’t travel out of the country, so he offered Natalie what she says was a “substantial amount of money” to transport the horses and handle them at the track for [...]

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She Turned Toward the Flower Business

By Lucy M. PritchettSometimes a Turning Point is a turning toward something rather than a turning away. For Jill Doyle that was a turning toward the beauty of flowers.Jill is co-owner of J. Elizabeth Designs, a special event florist in Lyndon. While she was at the University of Louisville working toward a degree in liberal studies focusing on pre-law, she was also working for Nanz and Kraft Florist and later Colonial Designs, learning both the mechanics and the design principles of the floral business.“Once I graduated,” Jill says, “I really couldn’t face the three more [...]

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