By Brittani Dick

If you’ve ever wondered about the definition of the term “girl boss,” look no further. Stephanie Heeb, 29, co-founder and executive director of Executive Concierge, is the epitome of ambition and drive, and her resume absolutely screams girl boss. But even with her undeniable determination, Stephanie admits there are a few battles she’d rather not participate in, like picking out her son’s outfit each morning. “These days, I let him pick out his own clothes — within reason, of course,” she jokes.

Stephanie sticks with a quick breakfast of cereal and fruit on most days, and she keeps her morning coffee routine pretty simple. “I buy the Starbucks Frappuccino chilled drinks in bulk and grab one on my way out the door,” she says.

Photos by Sunni Wigginton

Stephanie and her company’s main mission is to work with any person, family, or business to assist with alleviating busy time. “We use a structured approach to improving an individual’s quality time, allowing them to focus on the things that truly make a difference in their lives,” she says. From professional concierge services such as recruiting and client outreach to personal services like coordinating childcare and events, Stephanie and her team at Executive Concierge ensure that clients get the most out of their lives.

Beauty product she’s loving:
Stephanie credits one product for keeping her beautiful, naturally-curly hair in check: “Frizz Ease Dream Curls does wonders for my hair!”

Stephanie’s go-to fashion piece:
“I love sundresses!” she says, because they can be dressed up with heels or can be worn more casually with a pair of sandals or Keds. “They are comfortable and lightweight, which is perfect for someone like me who is always on the go.”

Latest purchase she’s praising:
Running from meeting to meeting in heels is no easy task, especially when trying to balance an oversized purse and a heavy laptop bag. “I had been struggling to balance all of my bags without falling over or knocking someone else over,” she says. Stephanie finally found a solution she adores — a Furivy Unisex Oxford laptop backpack. “This bag allows me to carry everything safely and securely in one bag, which makes it so much easier when I’m on the go.”