By Brittani Dick

Adriena Dame lives by this simple, yet highly detoxifying and invigorating habit, having a glass upon waking each morning and one right before she goes to bed each night. “Ultimately, the act of drinking lemon water is one of many simple daily practices that give rise to my gratitude for having this complex human experience, and for all of the love, joy, and laughter that contributes to the sacred nature of this journey here on earth,” she says.

She credits both lemon water and coconut oil as her go-to beauty products. While the lemon water detoxifies and cleanses from the inside, she relies on coconut oil to moisturize and purify the outside. “I also plop a bit into my morning smoothies to glean a myriad of other health benefits,” she says. Whether she’s cooking up delicious vegan meals or practicing energy healing, Adriena, 44, knows what it takes to keep her mind, body, and spirit in check.

Adriena is an experienced healing artist, writer, and intuitive vegan chef. She co-owns LOVAFARE, a vegan, live-well kitchen located at 2009 Highland Avenue in the Highlands. When she’s not mixing up a Sassy Kale Salad behind the counter, she’s offering Tibetan acupressure, guided meditation experiences, and spiritual counseling. A “Jill” of all trades, if you will.

Adriena keeps her fashion simple and comfortable. Photos by Sunni Wigginton  

As you can imagine, her various jobs (or shall we call them talents?) keep her on the go, so she relies on a simple, relaxed approach to fashion. “Comfy vegan clothes reign supreme!” Adriena states. She has no interest in brand name clothing – as long as they fall under the cozy and conscious categories, she’s slipping them on and heading out to save the world via healthy foods and mindfulness.

Latest Purchases She’s Praising:

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


GT’s Original Organic Kombucha tea — Adriena prefers the original flavor because, “It is simple. Not too acidic, and not too sweet.” In fact, she used GT’s Kombucha to start growing her own SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) for the purpose of making homemade kombucha.