Photos by Melissa Donald 

Big win 
I competed in the CrossFit Central East Regionals which is a high level CrossFit competition that you must qualify for through the CrossFit Open. I also qualified and competed at the American Open weightlifting meet in 2014. I had our first born, WIlliam Sawyer, about nine months ago which was probably the most challenging fitness experience but at the same time the most rewarding.

Swears By 
CrossFit hits all the components of fitness and it is also fun. Being a college track athlete, I thrived in a team atmosphere and CrossFit is just that. You have the team atmosphere, but each workout is still individualized to the needs of the athlete since it can all be scaled or modified.

I love my sport of fitness and want to continue to meet/break my own personal records! There is always something to work on with CrossFit so there is always something new to strive for.


What’s a big fitness win you’ve had? Comment and tell us what you strive for in fitness.