Photo by Melissa Donald

My husband, my kids and my family at our gym are my motivation every day! Every morning I get up with my husband at 4am to fix him breakfast before he heads to the gym. We typically read the workout for the day and he tells me his plan of attack. My plan of attack is to just get the kids up and make it to the gym to attack it in any way or form. If it weren’t for his excitement and asking how my workout went I wouldn’t be half as excited.

Never Quit 
I look at my kids and remind myself they are not getting any younger or staying their age for much longer. I want to be able to continue to run, jump and bike with them. Take them on adventures and show them what a strong healthy lifestyle is like. I have to set the tone for how they live and grow up once they are out of my house and being healthy, strong and active is my wish for them.