By Carrie Vittitoe

Being a sensitive person has many benefits. Therapist Brittani Hoyer says sensitive people tend to be more empathetic. “They understand others’ feelings and typically have a lot more compassion for others,” she says. However, there are times when being sensitive displays itself in ways you might not like. Sensitive people might feel embarrassed if they cry at work or at school. They may worry that others think they are babies or can’t handle a job or responsibility.

Brittani says it is important for sensitive people to think about what happens that makes them cry in certain situations. What is behind it? Knowing what causes the tears is critical. Brittani says sometimes a lack of confidence can lead someone to become upset, and learning assertiveness can minimize the person’s sensitivity.

If a woman tends to be highly sensitive, Brittani says it is a good idea for her to step away and ground herself again. Deep breathing exercises and mindfulness are tools that can help anyone learn to manage her sensitivity.

Brittani points out that sensitivity is not always sadness or crying. “Sometimes sensitivity manifests itself as anger,” she says. Whether one’s sensitivity displays as tears or a tantrum, slow breaths and stretching can help get one re-centered and calm.

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Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash