Karla Brown Wright, Realtor and soon to be Broker Manager with G. Starks Realty, is passionate to help the Louisville community set and crush goals involving wealth building through real estate. Buyers, Sellers and Investors, “CALL KARLA!”

Karla Brown Wright is always prepared to help others with their real estate journeys

SPONSORED BY G. STARKS REALTY  | Written by Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White

For Karla Brown Wright, a real estate agent with G. Starks Realty, purchasing her first home was what first put the idea in her head that becoming a realtor might be a good fit for her. “My former Broker, Geraldine Starks (deceased), sowed the seed in me. She said, “You can do this,” and that sparked my excitement and grew my passion for real estate.

The truth, though, is that when Karla went to school and earned her license in 2007, she already had her foot in the real estate business, although with a different angle. She had spent years working in real estate and contracting for the federal government. She understood real estate terminology and was familiar with deeds and negotiations, which gave her an edge with residential and commercial sales, as she entered the field.

Of course, 2007 was when the housing market crashed. Perhaps a sign of Karla’s perfect fit for the industry is that while everyone else was reeling, she was succeeding. “I was killing it. My broker and a loan officer I used were like, ‘Where are you getting all this business from?’ she says. Her first three sales were organic. “I hung up my sign, and they called Karla. We had no circles touching, [and] referrals just grew from that,” she says. Now, after 15 years, Karla is pursuing her broker’s license and recently earned a promotion.

Karla prides herself on being of good character and treating her clients in an ethical manner. “I believe that blessings can be passed on. If I bless you and treat you right in your real estate transactions, then a blessing will follow my daughters,” she says. “I cannot in good conscience ever do something that is not going to be in [a client’s] best interest.”

Over the years, she has learned the importance of the Girl Scout motto: “Be prepared.” She is prepared for walking through rain and mud and keeps galoshes in her trunk, but has her high heels ready for clients’ closings. But her commitment to her clients goes beyond footwear.

She holds a leadership position of growing people, places, and communication for G. Starks Realty. Karla brings her years of experience, knowledge, and skills and that oh so personable personality as leverage for successful real estate transactions. As her tag line says and her clients have become faithful believers of when you “CALL KARLA” with your real estate needs, she makes it happen!