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Jessica Bledsoe, Co-Founder and CEO of Pav*r, says the app helps you develop a better plan for managing your time.

Beat the Clock: Having problems getting a handle on your time management? Jessica Bledsoe, Co-Founder and CEO of Pav*r, has the solution.

By Tiffany White | Photo by Chanel Nicole

Jessica Bledsoe has an instinctive ability for grasping technology. When she was in middle school, she set up her first computer and learned how to install a CD burner – by herself. “No one in my household knew how to set it [the computer] up. All the cords were color-coded, and it didn’t seem like it was that hard,” she says with a laugh. Now, Jessica is putting her tech aptitude to good use with the development of Pav*r, a time management app that integrates with your Google calendar. She and her husband Adam created the app, which keeps users on track with their upcoming meetings, events, and tasks. Pav*r gives users a way to export this information from the calendar, so that they can see where their time is being spent and make better decisions concerning time management. 

“I don’t think there should be this wow moment when a woman or a girl expresses interest in technology.”

Although there are copious time management apps, Jessica says the difference with Pav*r is that it eliminates app fatigue. “We are so used to installing an app to solve a problem, but then the app never does exactly what we think it is going to do or it has too many features we never get all the way through setting up. We wanted to create something that natively lived inside the Google calendar that was easy to adopt, and [could] give you results quickly,” she says. The couple’s tech innovation has been wildly successful. So far, 133 countries have installed the app. 

As a woman who’s leading a tech company, Jessica hopes the presence of women in this field becomes normalized. “I don’t think there should be this wow moment when a woman or a girl expresses interest in technology. I think it should be natural for everyone, and it shouldn’t be something we are driven away from, because we are women.”

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