Image of Jaclyn Journey and Amanda Jacobs

Jaclyn Journey (left) and Amanda Jacobs created Paire — a new hospitality and retail concept. Photo by Kylene White

The funky charm of this walkable, historic neighborhood inspired design partners Jaclyn Journey and Amanda Jacobs to create Paire a new retail and hospitality concept that allows locals to experience life in a different part of their hometown.

By Christine Fellingham

A stroll through the quaint area on the Eastern edge of downtown that’s known as Butchertown is a journey of discovery. From quirky millinery studios to delicious wine bars and charcuterie shops, this once overlooked part of town has given rise to creative local businesses including Paire – the design studio, shop and luxury rentals created by natives Jaclyn Journey and Amanda Jacobs. 

Their new hospitality concept promises to lure other Louisvillians to fall in love with the picturesque enclave where they design and dream.

Why did you choose Butchertown as the location for your business?

We love the charm and walkability of this neighborhood. It feels historic, and flowering trees line the streets in the most beautiful months of spring. We know all of our neighbors and feel like it’s a small family here and everyone supports each other and the growth of this neighborhood. When the opportunity to create a studio in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Butchertown arose, we gradually transformed the 1860s shotgun house into a microcosm of our style. 

 You say you design for the senses. Tell us what that means.

This means not letting the sensual details go unnoticed. A well-designed space should be pleasing to the eye but also felt, heard and even smelled. That could mean something as simple as incorporating layers of color, fragrant candles, specific paint colors, luxurious textures — elements that feel good as well as look good.

An image of Paire Hospitality

An image of Paire Hospitality in Butchertown

Designed to cater to the senses, the chic and modern style of Paire also adds to its visual appeal. Submitted photos

How did you develop the idea for Paire Hospitality?

When an opportunity arose to purchase a neighboring 1800s shotgun. We converted the building into a luxury overnight rental and shop that we now call Paire.  

Our concept is that guests will be able to experience “philoxenia,” a Greek word, which loosely translates as “hospitality.” Both Jaclyn and I grew up with, or married into families with roots in Greece, Russia, Lebanon, and Syria, and we have experienced hospitality as a natural thread woven throughout our lives. We offer our guests a specifically-curated stay, beginning with homemade goods, a handbook depicting the perfect routes for a morning stroll and coffee, and all the best recommendations in walking distance, for the full Butchertown and Louisville, Kentucky experience. 

What do you hope guests will discover about these neighborhoods?

We hope guests will feel a sense of community and not feel like a tourist. They will get the inside-scoop on some of the best places to eat, shop and experience Louisville.

An image of Butchertown's Paire

Another image of Paire Hospitality

The pair transformed an 1800s shotgun into an overnight luxury rental and shop located in Butchertown. Submitted photos

Their Top 5 Butchertown/Nulu destinations

Please & Thank You. Lately, the iconic P&TY cookie (and Honey Boy Latte) has become our go to 3 pm treat. 

Bar Vetti. Our perfect meal: Venetian Spritz, Caesar salad, Beef Tartare, Cacio e Pepe,  Bucatini, Chicken Piccata, Tiramisu Gelato. 

Cultured Cheese Shop. It’s right across the lawn from our studio and we designed it for them during the first year of the pandemic. We love how personal the shop is and how it is a continuation of her family farm. 

Lupo. We love the Milk & Honey pizza or the falafel sandwich.

Butchertown Grocery Bakery. Get the cream cheese croissant.