Pilar Salinas-Bedo, 50
Barber, nail tech, massage therapist at Hairworks

Biggest Fitness Win “I placed third at the 2016 Universe in Masters Bikini 50 & Over. I worked out seven days a week with a combination of weight training and conditioning. I also stayed on a strict diet.”

Her Motivation “Other than competing, I just want to stay fit and healthy so I don’t have so many problems as I get older. Staying active is so important.”

Best Exercise “For me weight training is the number one, but I also do a lot of conditioning to help burn fat. I work on a punching bag, do plyometrics, and walk everyday outside.”

The Fight Continues “I never want to quit, and I won’t unless I physically can’t.”

Pilar recently started working out with a Bokken. Photos by Melissa Donald