By Brigid Morrissey

I have vivid childhood memories involving trampolines. At the time, I never thought of bouncing around on a trampoline as a workout. But Stephanie Bristow and her business partner, Rashna Carmicle, developed an exercise method that will have you dripping with sweat yet still grinning.

At B.You Fitness Boutique, clients are welcome to go about their workouts in the way that best suits them. “We’ve built a strong community where women can come together and connect,” Stephanie says. “They don’t have to be intimidated to come in. They can come in to do their workout and do whatever they need to do to escape that day.”

The first location originally opened as B.Barre Fitness. Stephanie had prior experience working as a research nurse, so her interest in developing more fitness options expanded along with the evolving of exercise science. “Rashna and I wanted to bring what was new to fitness. Exercise science grows so much, so we wanted to explore that.” By May 2013, B.Barre was rebranded into B.You. The boutique still offers barre, but also incorporates aerial silk and bounce classes. Each method was created to focus on correct form and research to stay on the cutting edge. “We make sure to emphasize neutralizing the spine for functional movements outside the studio,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie Bristow (left) and Rashna Carmicle do a scorpion pose used for stretching during cool down in Silque Strong, Silque Cardio or B.Silque Yoga classes. Photos by Melissa Donald 

Their B.Bounce class involves a bounce-mat cardio move of high knees. 

Another goal of B.You is to help clients avoid a plateau. “We research that a lot. It’s about understanding the mind and how it works and adapts.” she says. To counteract a potential plateau, each method has variations from traditional to cardio and strength. The instructors are encouraged to create their own routines and modifications. “We try to educate our instructors instead of just telling them what to do. Changing angles, tempo, and exercises can really shock the system,” Stephanie says.

“We’re a results-oriented studio working toward being the most effective in 60 minutes,” Stephanie says. She’s convinced the sweatier the better. “If I don’t look completely ridiculous by the time I leave, I didn’t get a good workout.”