By Ashli Findley

Jessica Hill Powell began exploring natural alternatives for dealing with her health issues. 

After the birth of her daughter eight years ago, Jessica Hill Powell started experiencing joint pain coupled with psoriasis and brain fog. It wasn’t until the severity of these symptoms increased after the birth of her third child that she actively sought medical attention.

She was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune disorder in which inflammatory arthritis affects both the joints and skin. “I was never pleased with the options I was given, the medications I was given,” Jessica says. They were risky, in her opinion. She was also breastfeeding, which caused further hesitation to take them.

Jessica’s homemade bone broth vegetable soup helps alleviate inflammation. Photos by Melissa Donald 

She started looking for a natural solution and came across the practice that has impacted her health the most: changing her diet. Jessica followed the Whole30 Program and removed grains and sugar from her diet while also limiting dairy.

“It’s just become my way of life now,” she says, admitting that the grains were the hardest to give up. “Having to give that up was tough at first, but then I started noticing I felt so much better.”

“The dietary changes are absolutely what I feel has lifted me up out of that fog.”

When Jessica realized that none of her doctors or specialists ever mentioned nutrition to her, it was the beginning of her wellness journey and becoming more aware of what caused her symptoms to worsen.

From there, she also began learning how to manage her stress.

“Meditation and journaling are huge because I think it’s pretty easy to slip into this pity party and feel sad (about the disorder). I have to have a way to let myself feel the emotion and feel the sadness, anger, or whatever happens to be coming up at the time, and then to release it.”

Jessica relies on essential oils as another healing aid. She combines lime and wild orange oils in a diffuser for an energy boost. These oils can be applied topically or taken internally. 

Other things that have worked for her are: visualization; counseling; yoga; exercise; essential oils; supplements, such as taking extra fish oil when her skin is experiencing a flare up; herbal formulas to help rid the inflammation from her body; and seeing an acupuncturist regularly.

Today, Jessica works as a natural wellness advocate. Her website is intended to help others find holistic wellness and to live their best life – now – through natural wellness.

“It’s just a really good feeling that, knowing through my own struggles, I’ve learned things that not only help me, but extending that to other people. It’s so rewarding. Getting your mind and your spirit and your body balanced, that’s my goal.”

Have you eliminated certain foods from diet? If so, how has it improved your health? What healthy foods are on your must-eat list?