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“My coach always says ‘Run smart, run hard, and good things will happen” – Tracy Green

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Nancy Millard Erwin stays highly motivated despite pain from scoliosis. “A therapist told me that ‘motion is lotion,’ and I believe it, so I do a lot of yoga,”  Nancy says. She also does Scolio-Pilates, bikes, and snow skis. She confesses to spending winters in Colorado for the Cannabidiol (CBD) that helps her get out of bed and move more. Coming from a family that played tennis, rode horses, and snow skied together, a sedentary lifestyle was not an option. “If you are accustomed to sitting around it is hard to get motivated, but my parents modeled it for me,” Nancy says. Just the sitting involved in traveling the long distances from Louisville to Colorado or to California to spend time with her kids is enough to result in a significant difference in pain level. 

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Persistence is the key. “There are times I had to push myself and it hurt to move, but the more I moved the better it got to where the pain was practically gone,” Nancy says. If she did not push limits she would not be able to travel and see the world. “I am excited that I am going to India and will be doing yoga there,” she says. A few years ago she participated in the Blueberry Bicycle Route in Quebec, which was a six-day ride around a beautiful lake. 

Nancy aspires to see more places in the future. “I know deep in my heart if I bought a condo in Florida, I could sit on the beach for hours even when the sun goes down and read a book with a flashlight because I love reading and listening to waves. But, that would be so debilitating for me because I need to be moving and pushing myself to be able to enjoy life.” 

Tracy Green would not describe herself as athletic. In fact, she was quite the opposite. “In college I had a lot of classes on the third floor and I was out of breath when I got there. I thought I should be able to walk up, so I decided to start running,” Tracy says. Tracy lived on a big farm so there was plenty of room to train. She did the best she could at her first race which became one of many. “I had so much fun at that first race and did better than I thought,” Tracy says. 

The toughest part was being patient, respecting where she was, and sticking with it. “I have been running 11-and-a-half years now and it is always a learning process,” she says. She finds the best in every situation. “When I am feeling discouraged or have bad races, I see them as opportunities to grow physically. You just have to find the silver lining and try to persist,” Tracy says.

Tracy advises that the first step in starting a running practice is getting fitted for shoes by a professional. “You have to buy a half to whole size over what you normally buy because your feet need room to swell and space to move around within the shoe,” she says. 

When you push your limits you will surprise yourself as Tracy has. “My coach always says run smart, run hard, and good things will happen,” Tracy says. She finds it to be true and encourages women to trust in the work they have done. She is hoping to set new personal bests in 2019 at races in the spring and plans to run the Louisville Triple Crown and Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota with its route along Lake Superior. 

When she is not running, Green teaches Pilates, does yoga, and strength trains to stay in shape. “When you push your limits you find something you did not think you could do even if it is something as inconsequential as a race and it bleeds into your entire life,” says Tracy, who works as an account executive for Estes Public Relations as her full-time job. “It makes you more confident in everything you are doing and makes you believe you can do other hard things in life that might seem daunting at home or anywhere.”  

Are you ready to push the limits in your life? You can start with entering our Best Bodies Challenge. Also find more inspiration for stepping outside of your comfort zone here. 

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