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As parents, we are constantly seeking to enhance the lives of our children. We spend hours researching sensory bin ideas, we read the most engaging books, and we sing all the best songs. We take part in their imaginative play, we buy them the finest educational toys, and we limit their screen time. 

But do we dance enough?

Turns out dancing with our babies is extremely beneficial, and is one way to spend some quality time together now, while you may be at home for lengths of time. Dancing, swaying, and moving together encourages bonding, enhances brain development, and is the perfect example of play time.

As a mother of two babies myself, I had no idea that there are real benefits to dancing in early childhood. I will occasionally ask Amazon’s Alexa to play a song while I flail around the kitchen to entertain my toddler as he works through a meltdown, but I was clueless about the actual perks of purposefully dancing with my babies. 

Elena Diehl, the mastermind behind GrowBabyGrow, a dance-based early childhood development playgroup, is passionate about the positive impact dance has on the early development of our children. “The window for maximum brain development is from birth to three years,” Elena says. “Dancing with our children during this early stage of their life enhances physical, emotional, social, and neurological development. Creative dance also inspires lifelong development and the ability to learn.” 

The playgroups are for children age 2 months to 32 months and include 10 weeks of stories, songs, creative dance, and activities to enhance relationships and early language skills. Children won’t be pressured to immediately jump in and participate. Elena says that instructors understand that some children require more time to become acquainted. Come dressed comfortably and ready to have fun. You will be marching, galloping, stretching, and grooving with your baby, and of course, there will be adult interactions as well.

GrowBabyGrow classes are on hold for now, but they are offering virtual dance activities that you can subscribe to and do at home together.

P.S. How your love for your baby protects.

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