By Keri Foy

Leslie McCutcheon
Job: Co-owner and President of BrightStar Care of Louisville
Home: Lives with her husband Chris and 5-year-old daughter Navy

“I would love to write a symphony,” Leslie admits, but “I have a lot to learn.” Learning is a part of the process she expects to enjoy, especially when it comes to music. Her parents started her in piano lessons when she was 5 years old, and now Leslie plays piano for Southeast Christian Church’s Crestwood campus. This year, she and Navy are planning to take violin lessons together.

Leslie’s perspective on aging comes from working in the senior care sector. She’s seen the beauty that comes with age — one’s hair gets gray but it’s a natural part of life. “Old age is a gift,” she says. “We celebrate young birthdays and babies being born. Let’s celebrate 75 and the things we’ve learned in life.”

Leslie also shares that the secret to aging successfully is aiming outward. “If you’re focused on yourself, you’ll be very unhappy,” she says. “Give to others and make sacrifices.” She’s also learned about another characteristic that comes with age — vulnerability. “As you get older, you realize we were created to depend on God,” Leslie says.

When it comes to staying healthy and keeping up appearances, Leslie’s all for exercise, drugstore cosmetics, and Melaleuca products. She uses Melaleuca essential oils to mix into her face lotion and takes its Peak Performance supplement as part of her daily routine. When it comes to style, she lets her husband’s approval guide her decisions. “I’m still learning,” she says, “but my husband got voted ‘Best Dressed’ in high school. If he tells me I look good, I’m OK.”

Photo: Melissa Donald 
Makeup: Denise Cardwell at Image Works Studio
Styling: Alissa Hicks