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Angie is wearing: Blouse, $79 available at Dillard’s at Mall St. Matthews; earrings, $75 available at Circe.

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Angie Andriot, 42
Research Analyst for Presbyterian Church USA

Angie Andriot didn’t fit the typical profile of a heart disease patient. “I wasn’t overweight. I’ve never smoked. My cholesterol has always been enviable, and I don’t have diabetes.” But two years ago, she had a heart attack while wrapping Christmas presents. “At first I just felt weird like I wasn’t entirely in my body. Then there was a huge pressure in my back like an ache. I got hot and clammy and then it hurt to breathe. It wasn’t until right at the end that I had any chest or arm pain.” Angie had complete blockage in her main artery and was in congestive heart failure for eight months. “Part of my heart died, however, I now have 50 percent heart function, and I am back to an almost-normal life. Every day is a gift.”

My heart’s passion: “ is developing relationships with my family, co-workers, friends, and church members. My work, hobbies, and interests are all important, but in the end, it’s the people that I reach and the people who reach me.The most important thing is other people.  We change each other, and that is our legacy. What we leave behind is our effect on people. ” 

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My heart loves: “Creativity. After my heart attack, I wanted to process what had happened to me, but it was challenging because my heart attack happened in my art room at home. I couldn’t go into that room for a year, so finding ways to be creative and to process everything became important. I did a lot of crafts, and I wrote. Now I’ve started going back into my art room. I’ve started painting again.” 

My heart beats faster when: I am pushing my limit emotionally and physically. When I am at the edges of what I feel comfortable with. I think it is important to test those boundaries and keep extending those boundaries of comfort. Seeing that ability to go up a flight of stairs or make it through a day without taking a nap — that was fulfilling for me.” 

My heart is telling me: “True peace comes when you’ve faced your fears. If you can’t stop being afraid, do it scared. My emotions should not be a barrier to my actions.”

P.S. What you eat matters.

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