Improving your eating habits has become easier! These four local restaurants serve up healthy, flavorful superfoods and drinks your tastebuds will love.

By Heidi Potter  |  Photos by Kylene White and Melissa Donald

CoreLife Eatery offers healthy options such as this Tuna Poke Fire Warm Rice Bowl. You can customize any bowl ingredients to your liking.

Southwest Grilled Chicken Bowl.

Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts.

CoreLife Eatery  |  9365 Viking Center Dr, Louisville, KY, (502) 709-7131  |  1225 Veterans Way, Clarksville IN, (812) 670-5680

With two locations in metro Louisville (Hurstbourne area and Clarksville, Indiana), this eatery offers a large menu where everything is made from scratch, from the food to the drinks.

The tagline here is this “is not just a salad place.” The menu is divided into Greens & Grains Bowls which are cold entrees, Purple Rice & Broth Bowls which are hot entrees, and Tacos. There is also a Build Your Own Bowl option and everything can be customized. Entrees can be vegan, vegetarian or feature a wide range of proteins such as steak, chicken, pork, tofu and tuna.

Drinks include preservative-free and chemical-free offerings such as Cranberry Cayenne Lemonade and real Lemonade made with cane sugar.

This menu is expansive and very flexible for any diet. They offer regular and large sizes for all entrees, with calorie counts displayed for both. As for choosing from a large menu, they recommend deciding if you want a cold or hot entree and then moving forward from there. The most popular menu items are noted on the menu: Tuna Poke Fire Bowl, BBQ Ranch Chicken Bowl, Steak Bacon and Blue Salad Bowl and tacos. Keto followers will enjoy their Protein Power Plates with protein and greens. Gluten-free diners can substitute lettuce for tortillas or tacos. Low-calorie followers can monitor the calorie count near all the offerings. Pitfalls for dieters, and while these options are still healthy, tend to be the higher-calorie options such as the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese or the Tri-Tip Steak Bowl.


The East Market Açaí Bowl is one of the most popular items on the menu at Lueberry Acai.

Lueberry Açaí  |  808 E. Market St., Louisville, KY, (502) 742-0640

This popular spot in the heart of NuLu has a loyal following and menu of quick healthy superfoods that can be enjoyed in house or on the go. Their menu offerings include Super Wraps and Salads, Bowls, Smoothies and Super Toast.

The most popular item on their menu is their signature East Market Açaí bowl, which includes almond milk, açaí, banana, strawberry, blueberry, and plum. It’s topped with granola, banana, strawberry, Goji berries, shredded coconut, and chia seeds. Also popular is the Hot Pesto Chicken Wrap and the I Hate Bananas Super Toast.

Eating healthy here is easy, and the descriptive funny menu item names should help when choosing what superfood to eat or juice to drink. Diners can choose sweet with smoothies or savory with super toasts, salads and wraps depending on their mood.

As is true with smoothies, some bowls and items with nut-based spreads, the calorie count is something to watch. The most common issue with an Açaí bowl is the high calorie count, due to the natural sugars in the fruits, granola and Açaí.


The Ginger Greens juice.

At I Love Juice Bar in Middletown, any smoothie can be made into a smoothie bowl with granola, nuts, and seeds, such as this Smooth Açaí Bowl.

I Love Juice Bar  |  13317 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY, (502) 690-9938

Vegan, dairy-free, plant-based, organic — all these healthy adjectives describe the juices and smoothies at the I Love Juice Bar in Middletown. All juices are fresh-pressed daily in house with no sweeteners or additives. More importantly, pressing the juices daily means they do not use pre-made purees; only actual whole fruit and vegetables are used here.

The menu is a strong mix of juices of all sorts, smoothies, bowls, resets and soups. For the most part, the menu is based on a sweeter palette, with the exception of the soups, which are savory. Juices can be meal replacements, and many of them tout healing benefits depending on your symptoms or even general mood. All smoothies can be made into smoothie bowls. With their bowls, toppings are added such as granola, nuts or seeds. Soups are made fresh in-house each day. Resets are just that, a “reset” of your digestive system, with a regiment of juices for the day or even the week to get you back on track and feeling better.

The most popular menu items here are the Smooth Açaí Smoothie and Bowl as well as the Ginger Greens juice. Since fruits are high in natural sugars, the calorie count is higher for many of these smoothies and the Açaí bowl, but the ingredients are healthy. They also can add CBD to any juice or smoothie as an option.


The recently opened Bocce Bowl in Jeffersonville near the Big 4 Bridge offers a variety of options, including this Avocado Toast.

The Korean Bowl at Bocce Bowl.

Bocce Bowl  |  125 W. Chestnut St., Jeffersonville, IN, (812) 725-7778

Located a stone’s throw from the Big 4 Walking Bridge, in the Gameyard complex which also houses Union restaurant, Bocce Bowl is the newest member of this group since Fall 2021. Its concept is to provide healthy eating in Jeffersonville. There is a set menu along with seasonal additions and daily specials of soups and juices. Offering bowls and sides, this menu covers a wide range of tastes from Asian to Mexican and good old fashioned American.

Entrees include a protein with a base of rice, quinoa or greens as the base. Sides encompass everything from side salads to avocado toast, all vegetarian options. There is a blueberry Açaí smoothie bowl and fresh fruit in the “Fruit” portion of the menu. A weekly rotating menu consisting of soup specials and juices is posted each day.

The Bocce Bowl menu is “small, but includes a wide range of flavors.” Diners can enjoy food from around the globe here depending on their cravings; the five bowls on the menu are all popular, with the Korean Bowl and Mexi Bowl nearing the top. Entrees cater to the Keto/Celiac/Gluten-free diner. There are no vegan or vegetarian entrees but all of them can be customized as such. While all things on the menu are healthy options, there are the known higher calorie counts of the Açaí bowl and the All-American bowl.