Black Jockeys Lounge


630 @ Fourth Stree, Louisville, KY

(502) 587-0526

In the heart of a world paused by the pandemic, a unique venture was born, one that would transcend the temporary stillness to celebrate a rich and often overlooked heritage. The founding of the Black Jockeys Lounge is a story of inspiration, partnership, and transformation. Amidst the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, Tawana Bain found an opportunity to collaborate with PPATH (Project to Protect African American Turf History), a move that would set the stage for something extraordinary. This collaboration culminated in an outdoor event on the rooftop of the restaurant, then known as Encore on 4th. The evening was an enchanting fusion of art, libations, food, and music, each element echoing the vibrant spirit and profound history of African American jockeys in the world of horse racing.


Naive Kitchen & Bar


1001 E Washington St, Louisville, KY

(502) 749-7856

Naive is nestled where Louisville’s lively NuLu district meets the quaint Butchertown, embodying a hopeful vision of the world. Our approach, focusing on authenticity from our food to our connections, may seem naive, but it’s the foundation of our aspiration to think big and foster genuine relationships.




1306 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY

(502) 999-2560

Nostalgic in the Highlands reimagines childhood favorites with upscale ingredients and a creative flair, serving refined food and cocktails with a nostalgic twist. With three cozy dining rooms and a focus on quality meats and unique drinks, it’s a modern chophouse where memories meet fine dining. Nostalgic invites you for a gourmet journey back in time.


Dragon King’s Daughter

Highlands & New Albany

1543 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY

129 W. Market St., New Albany, IN

(502) 632-2444

Dragon King’s Daughter blends tradition with innovation in a unique dining experience inspired by enlightenment. Our diverse menu, suitable for all diets, includes classic sushi and inventive East-meets-West dishes, complemented by a curated beer list and enticing specials.


Brendon’s Catch 23


505 S 4th St, Louisville, KY

(502) 909-0053

Brendon’s Catch 23 offers a Seafood Paradise with daily-fresh seafood and premium steaks in an elegant atmosphere. Catering to all preferences, including dietary-friendly choices, the experience is enhanced by an extensive bourbon, cocktail, and wine selection, making every visit a memorable dining journey.


Cask Southern Kitchen & Bar


9980 Linn Station Rd, Louisville, KY

(502) 614-6499

Cask Southern Kitchen & Bar offers a fresh twist on classic Southern cuisine and cocktails, inspired by Kentucky’s rich bourbon heritage. Showcasing an array of the state’s finest bourbons and local beers, our menu perfectly complements our Southern-inspired dishes. Visit us for a taste of our unique food and specialty cocktails!


Red Hog


2622 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY

(502) 890-6976

Red Hog, pioneered by Kit Garrett, is Louisville’s premier craft butcher shop, offering ethically sourced meats and artisanal eats in both its retail space and restaurant. Embracing in-house butchery and wood-fired cooking, it presents a menu of smoked meats and globally inspired dishes, complemented by a curated beverage selection.




Woman-Owned Wallet


803 E Market, Louisville, KY

(502) 704-4128

Amanda Dare champions women-owned brands in the Nulu area through her shop, a haven for everything from chic apparel to unique home goods and vibrant stickers. Furthering her commitment, Dare introduced the Women-Owned Walking Tour, encouraging the support of fellow women entrepreneurs in Nulu.



Brownsboro Village

3642 Brownsboro Rd, #101 Louisville, KY

(502) 894-0095


Pelo & Golden Aesthetic Atelier


11421 Main Street, Louisville, KY

(502) 324-5073

Kaitlyn Hubert, a renowned hair care, beauty, and spa entrepreneur, brings her cosmopolitan experience to Louisville as the owner of the luxurious Pelo West and Golden Aesthetic Atelier. This year, she proudly supports The Down with Derby Fashion Show as a sponsor, embodying her commitment to inclusivity and empowerment in the community.


Formé Millinery Co.


1009 E Main Street, Louisville KY

(502) 384-2449

Formé Millinery Co., led by acclaimed milliner Jenny Pfanenstiel, specializes in bespoke hats renowned for their craftsmanship and unique design. As the official milliner for the Kentucky Derby Museum and a celebrated figure in the Kentucky Derby, Jenny brings traditional techniques to her Louisville shop, offering personalized fittings and global workshops to keep the art of millinery alive.


Aurora Gallery and Boutique

Shelby Park

1264 S Shelby St, Louisville, KY

(502) 882-1230

Aurora, a distinct woman and queer-owned gallery in Shelby Park, founded by artists Lyndi Lou, Alexandra Rumsey, and Mia Farrugia in 2022, offers a welcoming space where gothic art meets delicate beauty.

Explore unique visual pieces and eclectic treasures, embodying the founders’ commitment to diversity and inclusion.


BABE Boutique


2201 Payne St., Louisville, KY

(502) 384-2769

Founded in 2020, Babe fills the gap in the mid and plus-size market, aiming to provide an inclusive and stylish shopping space. Our boutique offers a variety of high-quality, comfortable, and chic items for all styles and budgets, encouraging customers to confidently embrace their best selves.