As part of our 25th birthday celebration, we want you to celebrate where you are now, and think about how you can bring more joy into your life for the New Year. Find some inspiration from these 25-year-olds.

Elle Smith
Human Resources Assistant Store Manager, Kroger

Photos by Melissa Donald 

Biggest realization: “I love the growth I have experienced. I love continuing to find out who
I am.”

Her thoughts on being a woman: “Being a strong woman, a leader with her own ideas and thoughts is so important. As women, we wear so many hats and possess so many traits that make us a force to be reckoned with.”

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Natalie Spiller
3rd Year MD/MBA Student, University of Louisville

Biggest realization: “I can truly be whatever I want as long as I don’t let a few setbacks stop me.”

Challenging moment: “In my freshman year of college, my advisor told me I wasn’t cut out for something as difficult as medicine. I’m one year away from my MD.”

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Katie Kraft
Choir Director at Scribner Middle School, married and mother of a 4-month old.

Her inspiration: “People who live simply and joyfully without cluttered distractions.”

Biggest realization: “I am realizing that balancing new motherhood and teaching is tough and that’s okay. I can’t expect myself to be perfect in every aspect all the time.”

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