Paul Clark and Cassity Bratcher, Physical Therapists at Cedar Lake.


Celebrating and Supporting the Disability Community: A Chat with Paul Clark and Cassity Bratcher, Physical Therapists at Cedar Lake

What is the mission of Cedar Lake?

Cedar Lake’s mission is to offer highly compassionate, capable care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they may experience a life of abundant possibilities.

Our vision is of a community where those with and without disabilities learn to share and enrich each other’s lives through meaningful interactions that cultivate mutual respect and unconditional love.

Describe your role:

Paul: Every day is a little different. We wear a variety of hats as a physical therapist: assisting individuals with getting up in the morning, getting dressed, bathed, etc. We assist with transfers depending on whether the individuals can walk or not.

Overall, we meet people where they are in their care levels. We can assist people however they need based on their level of cognitive and physical functioning. The level of care varies from person to person which is great for us to be able to make physical therapy and care personal.

What are some of the ways you support your clients?

Cassity: Most people have had experience with physical therapy, and most aren’t fond of it. We do our best to make it fun and make them want to come to therapy. Normally they are happy to see us!

What services do you provide?

Paul: We help people walk, transfer people, fit them for new shoes or a new wheelchair. We help with skin integrity, bed positioning, repositioning and exercise.

Cassity: We also train the staff that work directly with individuals to help them be successful. Part of our job is to determine if there are any deficits that we can improve on with our individuals if they are appropriate with therapy. We also have goals that are set in place to work towards with individuals. The overall goal of anyone in physical therapy is to work toward an improved quality of life.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments as an organization?

At Cedar Lake, we see a person’s potential beyond the confines of intellectual disability. Every day we see in the people we care for a desire to be loved and included and a determination to live their very best lives. For over 50 years we have provided unsurpassed care to individuals and families living with and impacted by intellectual disabilities. We don’t merely provide programs and services, but help people live lives of abundant possibilities.

What do you think people can do to support those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

Paul: We want to see those with intellectual and developmental disabilities treated like people treat anyone else, with care and dignity. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities are regular people and just like you and I, they want to laugh and want to be happy. We also want people to be aware of accessibility ease in public spaces and feel free to help if you think someone could use the extra help.

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