Living Beautifully with What Others Discard

By Megan M. Seckman Tracy Heightchew comes from a long line of junk collectors. Her grandfather was fond of salvaging scrap metal and took young Tracy out to sift through his heap for a hidden treasure. Her grandmother was an extreme yard saler who stockpiled a potpourri of Depression-era oddities. They loved old things, and their amassed collections left a forever mark on young Tracy. “I am very close to my grandparents and grew up around their salvaging in Pleasureville, Kentucky. I have carried on the tradition of pulling stuff from the garbage. I love [...]

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A Bold Home for Her Travels

By Megan M. Seckman Take a step into Diane Kelton’s patio home and you take a step into her sense of adventure. You will not see the president of Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center fretting over clutter or shades of taupe with a designer. You will never hear her describe her style as “minimalist” or even “coordinated.” No, living beautifully to Diane is something a bit more vibrant, a bit more daring, a bit more characteristic of life itself — bold and busy. Living beautifully, in Diane’s domain, doesn’t really have a label or a [...]

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Celebrate the New Year Disco Style!

By Keri Foy  How Tracy Shacklette transformed her basement into a room that celebrates life and creates a VIP experience for her friends and family. While no bouncer guards the door to Tracy Shacklette's glamorous basement, you feel like you're descending into a swanky and modern cocktail bar complete with a VIP list. Tracy used lots of texture when designing the space. Photos by Melissa Donald  The space features white couches, a white floor with 24k gold flecks, gold chain link curtains, and a disco ball. It's the space where you want to turn on [...]

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What We Love About Her Nails

By Miranda Popp When a beauty professional gives her expert opinion about a new product, you listen. Lauren Browne, general manager of Skye Lash Lounge, went to school at Paul Mitchell and learned the skills of the cosmetology industry. She did her own nails for years and was a huge fan of the gel manicure when it first came out about five years ago. “They were my favorite accessory.” However, while working in the salon world and having wet hands from doing hair, she found that her gel polish simply wasn’t holding up. That’s when [...]

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Seven Things Patty Browning Can’t Live Without

By Emily Gahafer Patty Browning is a wife, mother, dog lover, and Louisville’s very own fashionista. “I’m usually running a taxi service between tennis courts and swimming pools,” she says. This special-education-teacher-turned-businesswoman-and-stylist has worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Today she is the district sales manager for Carlisle Collection, a private, luxury clothing label based in New York and sold exclusively through stylists and trunk shows. She has a passion for helping women look and feel great, emphasizing the importance of feeling comfortable and confident in the clothing they choose. Patty is [...]

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Prep Ahead for the Best Work Wardrobe

By Marie Bradby For 12 years, while growing up, Lauren Colberg attended parochial school and wore uniforms. It wasn’t until she began attending Western Kentucky University that she had to start thinking about what to wear. “Choosing what to wear (to work) used to be a struggle for me because I didn’t have to choose my own outfits for so long,” says Lauren, 35, a graduate of Assumption High School. A brand and advertising specialist for LG&E and KU, Lauren works on a variety of projects. “As a company, we sponsor a lot of events [...]

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