By Megan M. Seckman

Teri Gutermuth has just created a dream space that even her 10-year-old self would love. Imagine walls decked in giant pink poppies. A work table that could accommodate a dozen of your friends. And rows and rows of crafting gadgets, paints, glitter, paper, string, markers, stamp pads, and ink in every color known to woman. It is a crafter’s paradise, and one glimpse of its greatness instantly took me back to my childhood. This is “Teri’s Makery,” and in the chaos of crafting, organization reigns here.

Teri is a professional maker with over 24,000 followers on her two Facebook pages, Cricut Easy Press and Urban Maker. She began this addition to her house last March to contain her plethora of craft supplies that were spilling from her spare bedroom in Floyds Knobs. Her brand new craft studio now provides enough space to host crafting classes and artist spotlights, record product reviews and demonstrations for YouTube, hold creative outreach programs for at-risk populations, and house her endless inventory.

Photos by Melissa Donald

Teri’s gateway to crafting began 18 years ago after the birth of her son. She entered the world of scrapbooking because she was drawn to paper and design. Now, her stockpile of paper and scissors, glue guns and state of the art die-cutting machines, has found a fabulous home in the new addition, alongside a hidden, Star Wars themed home theater system and a new bathroom. The maker’s space, though, is the biggest space in the house and is inspired by her designer’s eye.

“Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with office supplies,” Teri explains. “I started scrapbooking because of my love for paper and because I’m very particular and aesthetically oriented. I don’t like symmetry; I like things bold and modern and eclectic, but I’m attracted to order. I call my style Farmhouse Glam.”

Everything in Teri’s Makery begins with a white or black base — a blank canvas. She is attracted to the clean lines and contrast of black and white. The walls, cabinets, worktables, ceiling, and porcelain tile floor are stark white, and two black accent walls help create the sharp contrast. Then comes the color. Pink is most definitely her favorite — it parades through the room in the bold floral patterns on the curtains and in the paintings arranged asymmetrically throughout. Gold lettering adorns the rows of black cloth baskets, labeling what lies inside. In here, everything has its place: the supplies, the black, white, and pink, and the glam.

Teri still enjoys scrapbooking but has expanded her repertoire to card making, jewelry, weaving, and recently, heat-vinyl work. Making helps Teri live beautifully. “It is therapeutic for me. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I finish a craft. I don’t make things for the process, I make them for the end result. Even if all I do is throw it in a drawer when I’m finished, I know I’ve made pretty things. And then I clean everything up. I can’t work in chaos, so when I walk in this room I want to say ‘ahh, a fresh canvas!’”

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