Carole C. Pfeffer’s Other Talent

By Lucy M. Pritchett She has served academia her entire career, moving from teaching to administration. If she hadn’t become provost of Bellarmine University, Carole Pfeffer might have tried for a career as a standup comic — or an astronaut. Her treasured possession is her Lexus convertible, and she lets the top-down breezes blow her troubles away. She is living her motto: Have fun along the way.Photo by Melissa Donald. What do you do? I oversee all things academic — hiring, assessment of student learning, promotion of professors. I often run point on addressing improvements [...]

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Leigh Pittman’s First Job Will Make You Laugh

By Lucy M. Pritchett Leigh Pittman once played Easter bunny at a local shopping center. Now she is director of information technology at Brown-Forman. She has also worked in the world of finance and investments. She says she has learned to soften her Type A personality, although to talk to her you wouldn’t know it. She has had quite a career path, and she shares the lessons she has learned along the way. Photo by Melissa Donald. What do you do? I buy technology for the IT department — hardware, software, IT services. I also [...]

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Karyn Hascal’s Favorite Way to Unwind

By Lucy M. Pritchett Forty years on the job and Karyn Hascal’s passion for working in the field of alcohol and drug addiction has not waned. For the past nine years she has been president of The Healing Place. She has traveled to foreign places and tasted many unusual foods, but we’ll let her tell you about that. Her latest enthusiasm is ballroom dancing. No Netflix nights for this woman–she doesn’t sit to relax. Photo by Melissa Donald. What do you do? I oversee the operations and programs at The Healing Place. It is a [...]

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January Taylor-Mills Can’t Get Through the Workday Without This

By Lucy M. Pritchett January Taylor-Mills received a full basketball scholarship from Bellarmine University, founded her own successful medical billing company, and is now writing a book. She works hard and out loud to make her dreams come true. She’s a fervent fan of Chanel’s Mademoiselle perfume. And don’t even get her started on the importance legal pads play in her life. Photo by Melissa Donald. Childhood dream? From the time I was 5, I wanted to be a doctor. I would cut open my teddy bears and put them back together. I don’t know [...]

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Why Terri Graham Says It’s Okay Not to Know the Answer Every Time

By Lucy M. Pritchett An early childhood event influenced this woman’s leadership style. From registered nurse to administrator to her current position as chief clinical officer of Hosparus Health, Terri Graham has been in healthcare her entire career. On her mind? She wants to change the conversation about end-of-life care. She says she responds to change with change, and to that end, she recently designed a new home to fit her changing lifestyle. Photo by Melissa Donald What do you do? I oversee clinical operations for Hosparus Health — the delivery of care and services [...]

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How Denise Zeydel Always Makes Time for Herself

By Lucy M. Pritchett   She began working part time at Z Salon and Spa when she was in college and now is part owner of the business. She has a good work ethic and enjoys the energy and company of the people who come to the salon to relax and be pampered. In a way she has fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an archaeologist, only the artifacts she studies happen to be brushes and blow dryers. (Spoiler alert: She would rather eat Cheez-Its than chocolate.) Photo by Melissa Donald. How did you get [...]

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