Have You Seen Who is On the Ballot?

We want you to help us celebrate the women you admire in our community who have become trailblazers and are inspiring others along the same path to success. Cast your vote for a Most Admired Woman from now through March 22 at noon. The winners will be featured in the June issue of Today’s Woman magazine.

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Wow! We Love to Celebrate the Women in this City

Wow! We Love to Celebrate the Women in this City For sixteen years, we have asked for your vote for Most Admired Woman in 12 different categories and this year we are bringing you a new list of accomplished women. We think you will be just as excited as we are about taking a few minutes to honor someone you have learned from or admire from afar. Vote here. You can vote online for one person in each category once per day. Read about past Most Admired Women here.

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One of Erica Lee Williams’s Obsessions

By Lucy M. PritchettFrom age 7 when she announced she was going to be ‘a tourney’ when she grew up, Erica Lee Williams never had a Plan B.She graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 2002. In 2009 she was appointed district court judge and then successfully ran for the seat twice and is on next year’s ballot. Away from the courtroom, she enjoys relaxing with her husband Jason Williams and 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline. Her challenge that doesn’t involve a gavel? Getting a garden to grow. Photos by Melissa Donald. What types [...]

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The One Thing Ann Gregory Wants You to Know

By Lucy M. Pritchett Ann Gregory left an executive job to start a retail door company with her father. When the business first opened, she handled all aspects of the job herself. Now, 20 years later, the company also sells custom windows and has 15 employees. Her sister Laurie Scarborough has joined her as equal partner in the business. On Ann’s to-do list? Become a master gardener. Photos by Melissa Donald. How did the business begin? My father was an investor in a door manufacturing company and thought that opening a retail company that sold [...]

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What Connie Leonard is Watching

By Lucy M. Pritchett Oddly enough, after 20 years reporting the real news for WAVE 3 News, Connie Leonard finds her relaxation and laughs by watching reality TV. Her recurring nightmare is one in which she arrives late and misses the live shot for a broadcast story. She recently changed her work schedule so she can take her daughter to school and be home in time to tuck her in at night. You might be surprised at the person she would like to interview today. Photo by Melissa Donald. Turning Point? I was working for [...]

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