Anna O’Hara’s Passion of Design

By Bella Portaro KueberAnna O'Hara Heuke stands in her beautifully designed dining room. Meet Anna O’Hara Heuke, a Louisville-based interior designer who took the leap of faith and turned her career into her own business — Anna O’Hara Interiors. With coffee, support from her friends and family, and a dream to guide her, Anna is taking homes and businesses and making them beautiful, one room at a time.This dream remained undefined for many years in Anna’s life. “I remember having a build-up within me that I had to unleash. My mom would help me by taking [...]

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“I never thought I’d be the subject of any cyberbully, especially not Bilal’s fans.”

By Bella Portaro-Kueber Photos by Sunni WiggintonWhat does cyberbullying look like to a victim? We hear about cyberbullying happening to teens, but many adults are also victims. Jessica “Jessi” Powell is one of those adults, who has been trying to survive the bullying scrutiny of her husband’s fans.Jessi is married to Bilal Powell, running back for the New York Jets. (You may also recognize his name from his years playing for the University of Louisville.) The couple met in college, and after they married, moved away from family. Jessi missed her mother a lot. “She’s my [...]

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Is Social Media a Class?

By Bella Portaro Kueber It seems that social media is defining businesses and future careers. What led this social media guru to become an assistant professor in strategic communications at the University of Louisville?Karen Freberg started social media accounts and building a blog when she was attending the University of Florida, where she competed in track and field. A professor told her that the writing on her blog was public relations for the athletics she was involved in and that became a pivotal moment within Karen’s career that set the tone for her future.Karen has [...]

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Just a Little Sinister…but she is following her artistic dream

By Brigid MorrisseyRobert Louis Stevenson was all too familiar with the human psyche. When he wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, he captured the concept of the divided self with deadly accuracy, the ability for one person to acquire different and sometimes opposing personas. As a legal secretary at a law firm by day and a macabre artist by night, Kristen Warf accepts each persona with a dignified understanding. Kristen’s day job pays the bills, but her role as mask maker, actor, makeup artist, and general manager of Haunted Hotel in [...]

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Bubbly for Basketball

By Bella Portaro KueberA few of Mo's favorite things include a basketball, a magnum bottle of champagne, and this bell that sits on her desk at work.  What do basketball, bubbly, and bouncing back have in common? They're sources of strength and positivity for Mo Rose, 102.3 The Max radio host and WHAS11 television news personality. Mo, a transplant from Illinois, graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in broadcast journalism and arrived in Louisville in 2012 where she began working for 99.7 WDJX with Ben and Kelly in the mornings.“It was a great [...]

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Catching the Sparks

By Bella Portaro KueberAnna photographed Louisville couple Kiya and Mark Stewart's elopement in Oregon.  Sparks fly when Anna May picks up her camera. A Kentuckiana-based portrait photographer who specializes in capturing love and beauty, she thrives in revealing the natural sparks between couples. She focuses on the positivity of life found within a smile or glimpse.In 2012, Anna started working with another photographer. Anna helped clients feel more at ease during the session. That beginning grew into her starting her own company Anna May Photography.Her photographs are beautiful and show the connections we’re able to [...]

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