What Works for Getting Attention? And, how spin class helps her think.

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What Dazzles in Ashley Davis’ World

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"] [et_pb_row admin_label="row"] [et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"]By Lucy M. Pritchett Imagine spending your days surrounded by dazzling diamonds, sparkling sapphires, and precious metals of gold and silver. Welcome to the world of Ashley Davis, vice president of Davis Jewelers. Her job entails using her left brain when she is buying new items or replenishing inventory and keeping up with trends in the jewelry business. Then her right brain gets a workout as custom jewelry designer. “I have my own existing clients and others who come in as referrals. I already know my clients’ style and [...]

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What Works for This Food Stylist

By Lucy M. Pritchett Although Maggie Freeman has her culinary arts degree, you may not want to eat what she prepares...at work, that is. Maggie is a food stylist for Kroger and prepares and styles the food for the photos used online. “I am just like a hair stylist or makeup artist for a human, only I do it for food. “Styling has some very technical aspects,” Maggie says. “I have to be aware of how the food will behave under the lights. For example, a breakfast egg casserole will start to fall pretty quickly. [...]

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Three Products This Stylist Swears By

By Lucy M. Pritchett It takes more than scissors and a shampoo cape to make a hairstylist. Kim Scannapieco, part owner of LeBliss Salon & Spa in St. Matthews, has been in the salon industry for 34 years. She originally worked in managerial and HR positions but 17 years ago decided to go to hair school and earn her place standing behind the salon chair. In addition to tending to her own clients, she also serves as trainer for apprentices and new employees. “I provide on-the-job training for the new person, who stands by me [...]

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The Secret of a Perfect Espresso

By Lucy M. Pritchett Susan Conway admits to drinking multiple cups of coffee each day — and says she has for years — but until she became general manager of Fante’s Coffee, she never knew exactly what went into making a fine cup of java. Now she does. “I had a basic knowledge and we hired a few people who had some experience, but Leo Fante, the owner, taught us all. I had to learn how much pressure to use when you tamp the espresso grind into the portafilter. We pulled out a bathroom scale [...]

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Three Things You Can Change Now — according to Louisville’s Public Health Director

By Lucy M. PritchettWhen the director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness offers her top three tips for women to have a healthier lifestyle, we might want to listen.Turn out the light and get some sleep.Exercise because it’s good for your mental health.Step away from the soft drinks — regular and diet.Dr. Sarah Moyer practices what she preaches. “I try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.” Considering that she has three boys, 4-year-old twins James and Landon and 18-month-old Teddy, the fact that she can get eight [...]

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