NAME Belinda Haynes
AGE 47
JOB Market Recruiter, Trueblue, Inc.
WORKOUT SPOT I have some favorite neighborhoods I run in. I also love doing a downtown run, over the bridge to the Indiana side and back.

MOTIVATION I think about the way I feel when I’m done running versus if I don’t run, and I always make the choice to run. It makes me feel one hundred percent better doing a run, besides the fact I love being fit and healthy! Jennifer Lopez also motivates me! She is the same age as me. I figure if she can stay that fit and healthy, so can I!
BEST WORKOUT Running and lifting weights. It is so important to lift weights to keep tone and muscle the older you become.
BIGGEST EXCUSE I don’t really have excuses, I’m like Nike: Just Do It!

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Photo by Melissa Donald